You Can Taihape Now…Morning Snack At Gumboot Manor *

After Palmerston North, it was time to check out the town of Taihape. Love the pronunciation of that one, it could be seen as “Die happy”, title of a Therapy? song back in 1998. Therapy? being a Northern Irish rock band.

And so the bus pulled over next to The Gumboot Manor.

The road out of Taihape.

Used to be a Church (possibly) now a cafe. I’m convinced places like Taihape survive just on the sheer number of random tourists that stop by on buses and in cars on their tours. I spent some money there, as did most on my bus…

Road advice so you can Die Happy in Taihape.

The Cherry coloured red and black Gumboot Manor.

A memorial to something. Wasn’t in the Lonely Planet. Too lonely even for that publication.

TV Crews at Taihape. I got into the background of a few of the shots. I can add that to TV appearances in England, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Slovenia and Uruguay now…

The gumboot.

OK so in British it’s actually a Wellington Boot. But we’ve left Wellington don’t forget…

Mount Stewart Reserve, Taihape.

McDonalds and Subway are the biggest and most exciting things in town. What about the Gumboot Cafe??

The kids.

The gumboot acts as my stand number in the Gumboot Manor.

Morning tea break at the Gumboot Manor.

And that was that. I left Taihape for views as awesome as this from my Nakedbus window.


(video not available online, so instead “Trigger Inside”)


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