Your Guide to the 2018 Auto-Trail Models

Whether your dream holiday includes a city break, an active tour of Europe or simply just a relaxing escape, a motorhome is the ideal solution for all your travel needs. Giving you a home away from home, you can explore new places all from the comfort of your very own leisure vehicle. With so many different manufacturers and brands to choose from, it’s important to research and find the right motorhome that suits your lifestyle. Every family is different, so finding a motorhome that fits is crucial.

Your Guide to the 2018 Auto-Trail Models

Auto-Trail is one of the many well-recognised motorhome manufacturers, proving to be a popular choice within the industry. With over 35 years’ experience and expertise, they have produced some of the best loved motorhome vehicles in the country, with no sign of slowing down.

So, if 2018 is the year you’re finally going to invest in a luxury motorhome, ensure you’re making an informed decision by doing your research! For an overview of the latest Auto-Trail models, look no further.

Investing in luxury

Auto-Trail’s style is something they have been refining and improving over 3 decades, with a style of motorhome to suit your personality. New motorhome models from this manufacturer have been designed with modern fabrics that take inspiration from nature, creating an airy and relaxing atmosphere whether you’re driving or eating.

Through careful research and development, new Auto-Trail motorhomes take advantage of hard-wearing materials and fittings to ensure durability and practicality as well as an impressive appearance. This means you can sit back and relax, knowing your motorhome has been created with quality and luxury in mind.

Investing in choice

For 2018, Auto-Trail have developed two new coachbuilt layouts, giving you even more choice. Featuring desirable additions such as an island bed, this year’s motorhomes have been upgraded. A choice of 37 layouts is on offer, making sure there is a motorhome for every type of traveller.

New additions include layouts, new upholstery schemes and designer worktops, along with energy efficient LED lighting. Some new models even come with a Sports pack and more efficient dining area layouts. Alongside visual improvements, time has been taken to improve the performance of new models too.

There are also media and extra luxury packs to choose from, making sure you can customise your motorhome to make it individual and suit your needs more accurately than ever before.

Investing in experience

Auto-Trail ensure that every motorhome lives up to, and exceeds, standards. Making sure you enjoy your travels in style, the brand has combined their knowledge with customer feedback to bring improved models to the market.

Building motorhomes in the UK means they are a proud British manufacturer, giving you access to British-built vehicles. Working with a Fiat Ducato chassis, the performance of an Auto-Trail motorhome offers a wealth of benefits for you to take advantage of.


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