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Backpacking in Christiania: 10 Quick Sights in This Self Proclaimed Freetown Republic

Posted By Jonny Blair on 11 Comments

While backpacking in Denmark you might want to visit a separate republic. For those lovers of quirky off the wall spots then the Freetown Republic of Christiania is well worth a day trip. Almost as wacky as my trips to …

World Borders: How to Get to the Freetown of Christiania Within Copenhagen, Denmark

Posted By Jonny Blair on 9 Comments

This is yet another of my strange world border crossings as although its not official it was still just as exciting, satisfying, rewarding and inspiring as I left behind Denmark and the EU across into the self declared freetown of …

Backpacking in Christiania: An Independent Freetown Republic Since 1971

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

Here we go again. Off backpacking into some off the wall wacky self declared Republic, this time – Christiania. Housed sneakily within the compounds of Copenhagen, Denmark this place has a hazy chilled out charm like no other self declared …