Backpacking In Scandinavia: My Highlights From My Trips There

In total, I have been to Scandinavia on 6 different trips, swallowing Sweden (7 times), Denmark (6 times), Finland once, Norway once, Iceland once, Faroe Islands once as well as the lesser recognised Christiania and Ladonia! It was mostly in snow, and with a real winter beauty! There are lots of options for travelling in this region – you can go solo, join a tour or backpack it loyal. In the summer months, camping is a great options here, you can even plan it early, using a system like Low deposit, then pay in instalments up to ten weeks before you go in Eurocamp.
Backpacking In Scandinavia: My Highlights From My Trips There

Backpacking In Scandinavia: My Highlights From My Trips There

I have a wealth of experience in backpacking and when I check back, I have been in Scandinavia at some point in a January, February, August, September, October, December so it means I’ve seen 6 months of their year. I thought I’d write about some of my highlights, and decided to write a paragraph on each country there! Plus this post has some new photos, never seen before!
Backpacking In Scandinavia: My Highlights From My Trips There

Backpacking In Scandinavia: My Highlights From My Trips There


Well actually Denmark was the first ever Scandinavian country I was in. I was first here in 2006 when I attended the Denmark v. Northern Ireland football match in Copenhagen! First of all, you need somewhere to stay and I have slept in a few different places in Denmark, such as the Downtown Hostel in Copenhagen and the best option is to use the Best Price Guarantee – Only at ScanDicHotels. In terms of sightseeing, the border bridge to Sweden is cool as well as the castle at Helsingor (Hamlet’s Town) and of course the sights of Copenhagen itself.

Our day in Helsingor, Denmark

The food and drink is also good, if dear. Great Danish pastries, craft beer (Mikeller) and of course the famous bacon!

Backpacking in Denmark: Exploring Helsingor, Hamlet’s Town

Faroe Islands (Sheeps Islands)

I simply loved the beautiful Faroe Islands. I flew in from Copenhagen in Denmark and stayed on two of the islands, whilst touring 8 of them. The highlights were the Milk Boat (which allowed me to visit 3 islands), Gjogv and the Faroes v Northern Ireland football match in Torshavn. We also did the Traelanipa hike which was stunning!

Viewpoint over Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Saksun, Faroe Islands

Backpacking in the Faroe Islands: Day Hike to Traelanipa, Lake Sorvagsvatn, Vagar Island


Finland might be famous for Lapland and formula one racing drivers, but I was here in the cold winter and my highlight was the (nude) sauna and snow diving! I toured the bars of Helsinki too as well as visiting Jarvenpaa, Helsinki, Suomenlinna island, a UNESCO heritage site. You can book it cheap enough if you get in early for a Low Price Guarantee at Hotwire.

The boat to Suomenlinna, Finland

Freetown Christiania

This wacky republic is a self-proclaimed Freetown which is over 50 years old now, dating back to the 1970s! When backpacking in Freetown Christiania, try the local beer, use the local currency and enjoy the freedom, on their terms! You cross in from Denmark and embrance the magic spirit!

Happiness in Freetown Christiania

Since I wrote this, I have added two more "crazy countries to my list - The Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the Kingdom of Romkerhall.

Countries That Don’t Exist: 45 Unrecognised Countries That I Backpacked Through

The main entrance and Christiania Archway.


For another wild surprise, research Ladonia! This is a kingdom which has also self-proclaimed itself on rocks off the coast of Sweden. Getting here means walking through a forest and arriving in a wooden structure known as Nimis, this to all intents and purposes is the capital city of Ladonia! I was here with my backpacking mate Daniel Evans, who has also toured Denmark, Sweden and Australia with me!

Daniel and I at Nimis, Ladonia

Arrival at the entrance on the border to Nimis, Ladonia


Norway will always be remembered by me. It was an interactive poll on my travel blog which allowed readers to dictate where I went for my 99th country. Norway won and I ended up here, crossing in by train from Gothenburg, Sweden! I managed to backpack it hardcore as well as on the cheap and I met up with Gunnar Garfors here. Gunnar claims to be the first person to visit every country in the world TWICE!

Gunnar Garfors and I celebrate my 99th country in Oslo, Norway in 2015.

The Royal Palace, Oslo, Norway.

I toured Bergen, Voss, Gudvangen on a fjord cruise as well as Myrdal and the world’s steepest railway at Flam. Plus three days in Oslo chilling out, blogging and enjoying my cool hotel as a 99th country celebration!

World’s steepest train at Flam

Night train to Voss

Fjord cruise


Sweden is home of Abba, Ikea and many bikini blondes. I have been to Stockholm, Angelholm, Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Malmo and loved them all. However, my first trip here was for the Sweden v. Northern Ireland 1-1 draw!

A cold winter day in Stockholm

I also enjoyed crossing in and out of Denmark and I did this by ferry, tunnel and bridge! The ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingor was excellent! I also met up twice in Sweden with my backpacking friend Daniel Evans. While in Australia, it was me acting as the driver – here in Sweden Dan drove. As it was winter, we relied on car rental at the speed of business to get around and this was good fun in the snow.

Arrival in Helsingor just off the ferry from Helsingborg

So those are just some of my highlights so far from backpacking in Scandinavia, I still want to return to visit Greenland, Aland Islands, Lapland, The North Pole, Svalbard and Elleore. Scandinavia and further afield is awesome. Here is what it could be like if I visit Greenland!

Backpacking in Greenland

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