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Friday’s Featured Food: Pogaqe and Sour Cream in Pristina, Kosovo

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So I ended up backpacking in Kosovo after Macedonia and decided I wanted to try some local food. The thing is though, Kosovo has only been a country since 2008 and most of the locals are Albanian. So rather than …

Backpacking in Kosovo: Top 12 Sights in Pristina, the Capital City

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After travelling in Macedonia, it was an obvious move to take the easy border bus north to Kosovo. The buses depart from Skopje in Macedonia and within two hours you are in Pristina the capital city of Kosovo. I checked …

World Borders: How to Get From Macedonia to Kosovo (Skopje to Pristina by bus)

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When you hear about places like Macedonia and Kosovo you might think that obscurity is the name of the game and that backpacking through this region is a test for your stamina. However, this particular border crossing is a fast and …

Staying at the Buffalo Backpackers in Pristina, Kosovo

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After my trip to Macedonia, I decided to head north into Kosovo and as it’s only a 2 hour bus ride across the border from Skopje, it made sense that I should head to the capital city – Pristina. I …

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Thirsty Thursdays: 5 Cool Bars in Pristina, Kosovo

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Kosovo is one of the world’s newest countries. Born back in 2008 when they were granted their long desired freedom from Serbia after some horrendous acts of ethnic cleansing. It’s a country that is essentially part of Albania, though for …