30 Days in Iran and a Break from Don’t Stop Living

This is a live blog post. It’s also without doubt my quickest and shortest blog post EVER!! I make no apologies for it. We are in Tabriz in Iran and got our 30 day visa so will aim to try and use the full amount. We crossed the border yesterday from Gurbulak to Bazargan.

blue mosque iran tabriz

Backpacking in Tabriz, Iran – the Blue Mosque.

This means I’ll be offline for most of December. There is no Wi Fi in most places in this country and using internet cafes costs a bit and is beyond our current daily budget!

turkey border iran bazargan

Crossing the Turkey to Iran border from Gurbulak to Bazargan.

Certain websites are also blocked including the BBC, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and You Tube, so my blog is the best place to catch me! I will attempt reply to ALL e-mails when I can. It could be in 4 weeks time, but I’ll reply.

bazargan jonny blair arrival

Arrival in Iran with a 30 day visa at Bazargan.

I have a few scheduled posts going up on here and my usual Facebook daily posts.

In the meantime Merry Christmas to all my readers and I look forward to getting online again after Iran to write 1,000 more stories from recent trips!

From the Deniz Internet Cafe in Tabriz,

Safe travels,


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