4 Best Bachelor Party Spots in New York, USA

New York is an ideal city for the luxury and extravagance promised by a typical bachelor party. But it also offers opportunities for parties looking to go down a path less filled with the traditional debauchery. You might have read my 1o Dollar all you can drink night story before with Neil, Simon and the lads.


Drinking with Simon and my best mate Neil in NYC.

Certainly known for its bars and clubs, New York also offers great sports opportunities and places for more low-key dining. And of course, some of the best hotels worldwide call the Big Apple home. Whether you’re looking for a chill guy’s night or going all out, New York City features some of the best party spots.

Start With the Party

If you’re ready to go all out on the bachelor party, a night at a luxury bar and restaurant is the way to go. One New York City spot perfect for this type of event is Suite 36.

Situated in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, this restaurant and lounge marries food, drinks, and partying to create a memorable bachelor party. From skylight views of the Empire State Building to a refined menu, renowned DJs to unique special events, Suite 36 is ideal for small casual groups and big blowout private parties alike.

all you can drink for $10 US new york city

Partying in New York City.

Hotel Night

Whether you’re looking for a place to crash after the celebrations or want to set up the party around the hotel, finding the right room can make or break the night. Check out the Waldorf Astoria for a night of luxury and grandeur.

This internationally acclaimed spot is the perfect place to host your private party. Try out http://www.gogobot.com to book deals on a suite. In fact, depending on the size of your party, it’s often the same in terms of price to split the cost of a suite as reserving a block of rooms.

Day of Sports

Maybe you find yourself balking at the idea of a bachelor party filled with booze and strippers, as the stereotype goes. Rest assured, you’re not alone—wild parties are steadily decreasing in popularity. If a low-key guy’s outing is more what you’re after, consider a day of sports.

New York City fortunately offers many places great for this type of outing as well. Check out Chelsea Piers for a day at the driving ranges (or any of the other sports they feature) without leaving Manhattan. The traditional round of bachelor party golf has its home in this city too.

aces and eights saloon new york city

Empire State Building, NYC

Morning After Brunch

No matter how they begin, all bachelor parties eventually slip into the morning after. Wrap up the fun with brunch to soak up the drinks and revel in the events of the night before.

Clinton Street Baking Company is a great choice for morning after brunch, and it works just as well as a laid-back main event. The menu has a hint of the South. It serves up classic brunch dishes and great drinks to go with them. Enjoy time on the Lower East Side with a good meal to anchor the celebrations.

New York has something for everyone, and bachelor parties are no exception. Enjoy the hotels, food, and entertainment of this great city to create a bachelor party you never can forget.

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