4 Tips for Better Medical Tourism

An example of a first aid kit I've taken on my travels before.

4 Tips for Better Medical Tourism

The number of Australians opting to go through surgical procedures abroad has been seen to increase over the years. While the primary motive for this trend is to access low-cost treatment, others simply decide to go through surgery while still on vacation or have some other reasons for going for overseas treatment. There are so many online resources that can help us medically, whether it’s browsing the top advice on Rolling Paper or simply going to your local medical clinic to get first hand information from a doctor.

Here are some tips for making sure that you enjoy the experience and enhance the chances of getting your desired results from the overseas surgical procedure.

  1. Conduct An Extensive Research.

Conducting a background research is vital when thinking of going through surgery, even more so if you are considering your options abroad. You should try to find a medical facility with an excellent record of offering the kind of healthcare procedure you want and also ascertain that they observe the Australian medical standards. MacList is an excellent resource for finding the accredited clinics and doctors located abroad in addition to the ones based in Australia.


Conducting a proper research will make sure that you subject yourself to the best healthcare standards. This is true whether it’s something major or something like this http://www.dore.sg/acne-removal. If you require an alternative opinion, make use of MacList which will save the time you will use trying to find other reliable and qualified medical practitioners.

  1. Carry Less Luggage and Wear Loose.

Depending on the kind of surgery you will go for, you may be advised to relax for some time after being discharged from the hospital and going back home. While the attendants will want to make sure that you are not alone when traveling, it is a good thing to travel light since there is a high probability that you may require to move around your bags and luggage even if it is just for some little time. Purchasing a light case that can be moved using wheels and is simple to carry around should be regarded as a priority.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: My New Rucksack - An Osprey Aether 70

Carry less luggage

In regards to the things you are going to carry, take note of the following two things:

  • Your destination.
  • The kind of surgery you are going for.

While your medical expert will advise you on the best thing to do, it is advisable to put on loose clothing which will ensure that you are comfortable from a climatic and post-surgery point of view.

  1. Carry Along Your Travel Essentials.

What are your standard travel essentials? You should make sure that you carry the usual things that you take when traveling and counter check them twice or thrice to ascertain that you have all the items you require. Highly consider bringing along the extra items that you will need to be comfortable and entertained during the recovery period, especially if you will be staying overseas for some significant amount of time before getting back to Australia.

Add the items below to your carry list.

Travel Adapters

  • A Tablet/iPad or minicomputer where you can watch videos, read articles or log on to social media platforms.
  • Power adaptors.
  • Travelling pillow.
  • A couple of books.
  • Compression stockings for the flights.
  • Dry body detergent and wet wipes if you cannot shower while the scars are still fresh in the few days following the surgical procedure.
  1. Being Ready.

After engaging in an in-depth conversation with your medical consultant and then you decide that you want to carry on with the procedure, make sure that you note down the valuable advice given to you regarding the things you are supposed to partake in during the first few days after the surgery and the entire recovery period. Since you will be outside the country, this matter is more fundamental than usual- since if you require anything, it is not business as usual in your country where you could just reach out to a friend or family member for it.

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Being ready

Contact your medical practitioner abroad and ascertain that your booking is confirmed and that a schedule for your recovery and flight back home is arranged. Make a point of organizing for any necessary arrangements for your aftercare when you get back to Australia.

Being sufficiently prepared will make sure that you are well set for a smooth recovery and significantly reduce the probability of any complications.

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