Backpacking in France: Tips For Private Tours of Paris

My Top 5 Memories From Backpacking in France

My Top 5 Memories From Backpacking in France

Paris is somehow one of those magnetic cities that I have ended up in time and time again. I have to admit I am not a complete Paris geek, nor do I usually recommend France for backpackers but through connecting flights, football tournaments and odd coincidences down the years, I have returned to Paris more times than I expected. What is magnetic about the French capital and more importantly, how can you fall in love with the real, deep, local Paris as opposed to the media hyped and touristic one. For a start you need to delve beneath the surface and step slightly away from those gems. You know the gems I mean – those I ticked off on my first visit to Paris in 2007. I’ll mention the obvious top 5 here, before suggesting you get into the heart taking a Paris private tour by locals.
1.Tour Eiffel
Well, who can avoid an article on Paris without mentioning Tour Eiffel? One of the most famous buildings in the world and one that I have personally visited too many times, going to the top just once.
eiffe tower paris

With Rene at the top of Tour Eiffel

2.Champs Elysees
The Champs Elysees Avenue is a posh and upmarket street at the core of modern day Paris. It is well worth a jaunt, but be aware of the huge coffee and food prices!
3.Arc de Triomph
At the roundabout where the Champs Elysees starts (or ends), you find a triumphant arch, similar to the one in Pyongyang (North Korea) and Vientiane (Laos).
national day pyongyang

Arc De Triomph – Pyongyang instead of Paris!


The dreams come alive in lofty Montmartre. This place looks down on Paris from the famous Sacre Couer. But I love the little poky side streets, the cafes and art shops. It’s all Paris to a tee- go on a wet day out of season to avoid the hoardes of wacaday tourists.

Backpacking in Montmartre – Sacre Coeur

5.Parc Des Princes

Princes Park in English is the football stadium, where I twice watched Northern Ireland lose 1-0 at the Euros. 1-0 to Germany on a famous night when we qualified for the second round and again 1-0 defeat by an own goal to Wales.

Andrew, Matthew, Gavin and I before the Wales match in Paris

So if you want to get into the real Paris, the same way that I did in Barcelona, or Bishkek, then Localers help you to discover some unusual aspects to one of the world’s most touristic cities, here are some of the best tours they offer:

1.Louvre Museum Private Tour

So I toured the Louvre myself and checked out the famous La Joconde (Mona Lisa) but I advise you to get a special private tour, with skip the line, VIP treatment and get to know the secrets and finer details of the world’s most famous art gallery, hidden shyly beneath that famous pyramid.

Louvre Museum Private Tour

2.Canal Saint Martin Artisan Food Tour

Food freaks will love the Canal Saint Martin Artisan Food Tour in Paris. Here, you can enjoy hopping from venue to venue, escaping the tourist mob and finding a Parisien food culture. The tour includes 5 local tastings, in authentic Paris surroundings, you will also visit the North Marais & Temple districts of Paris and dander along the picturesque Canal Saint Martin. Here, a mix of cheese and wine should satisfy your needs.

Canal Saint Martin Artisan Food Tour

Canal Saint Martin Artisan Food Tour

3.Paris WWII Tour – Occupation, Resistance & Liberation

The Germans tried to destroy every culture in Europe when Austrian asshole Adolf Hitler invaded countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia and France. Thankfully, his unmasterplan was intervented and he didn’t succeed. To understand the impact this had on France, take the Paris World War Two tour. This will enlighten you on what exactly the Nazi Germans did here.

World War II Tour in Paris, France

Of course my love affair with Paris continues and will continue to bring me back to this city. Even last year my Togo trip was via Paris. No matter what you think about France or Paris, remember that this is a special

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