Best Fly-Drive Holiday Destinations for 2015

So backpacking takes its toll and you just want a good old “fly drive” holiday. Decision made, this year it’s going to be a fly drive holiday, but where are the best places to go, to enjoy the wide open spaces?

5 Cool Cities in Tennessee, USA.

Fly Drive to the USA.

The USA 

Mention fly-drive to most people in the UK, and they immediately think USA. And why not, when you can put the whole UK into one American state, it leaves plenty to be explored.

Destinations such as Florida: Based in Orlando, you can enjoy the numerous theme parks around the state, while working into your itinerary the beaches on the Gulf Coast, and the Florida Everglades.

Florida - Daytona Beach

Florida – Daytona Beach

For those with a real taste for adventure, hiring a motor-home and living on the road might appeal. Fly drive companies can provide you with pre-defined routes, or you can custom your own, provided you end up where you’re supposed to be at the end of your holiday.

How about getting your kicks on Route 66, that iconic highway made famous by the 1960’s TV series, and the film released in the late 1990’s. It’s still there, and you can fly into Chicago to start your journey. Choose your mode of transport from car, motor-home, or the famous Harley Davidson motorcycle, and ride the highway from Chicago, through eight states, to Los Angeles on the west coast.

Crazy party in Los Angeles

Crazy party in Los Angeles


How about that once in a lifetime trip down under? Another vast country, Australia has so much to offer that fly-drive has to be the way to go. From tailor-made packages, to plan your own itinerary, an Australian drive-yourself holiday will provide lasting memories like nowhere else.  You could be visiting places like Sydney, Lone Pine and Melbourne.

A photographer’s paradise, Australia is fiercely protective of its flora and fauna. With 80% of its plants and wildlife found nowhere else on earth it has every right to be. The diverse options of landscape can take you to the Blue Mountains, into New South Wales, or a visit to the famous Ayers Rock.

Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains, Australia

Whichever area you choose to explore, tick off a couple of Australia’s National Parks for a visit. Many of them have free family activities to enjoy, or free entry to sister parks in the area. And remember, although Australian’s drive on the left as we do in the UK, you still need to check your car hire excess insurance, to ensure you have all options covered should the unthinkable happen.

Fly Drive Europe 

Do you fancy living like a millionaire for a week or fortnight, or at least looking like one? You can go fly-drive to any European country you wish, and spend your allotted time seeing the sites in a top of the range vehicle.

Visit Monaco, and drive the race circuit in a Ferrari. How about sightseeing in Nice, Provence, and Monaco, behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, or maybe a tour of the French Riviera in your very own Bentley; for as long as you’ve booked it.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

No matter where you choose to visit, the fly-drive option is always available. If you’re getting fed up with visiting one area, sitting on the same hotel balcony, and sunning yourself round the same pool, go fly-drive, you’ll be glad you did.

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