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Top 5 Islands in Antarctica

Every now and then I love to write about Antarctica again. It still ranks as my number one travel trip to date. A pure Winter Wonderland. An untouched paradise and a total dream backpacking destination. I’ve told my story countless times, of how I lived cheaply in Tasmania working 12hour days and 7day weeks on Read more about Top 5 Islands in Antarctica[…]

The Antarctica “Carryout “: Having a Beer on King George Island

Position – 62o 10’S/ 58o 30′ W Location – Near Henry Arctowski Polish Station, Admiralty Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands, ANTARCTICA Weather – Windy and cold Date – 13th November 2010 Time – 8.45 pm Wind Speed – 35 knots Temperature – 0 degrees the water, 10 degrees outside Admiralty Bay and the Read more about The Antarctica “Carryout “: Having a Beer on King George Island[…]

John and Scobie Go “Swimming” – Admiralty Bay *

Our Antarctica adventure certainly wasn’t without drama and incident, and unfortunately we had a minor accident on our trip. We had arrived back on our ship and were in and around King George Island in the South Shetland Islands when we had an emergency. I am well used to understanding emergencies on board boats, having Read more about John and Scobie Go “Swimming” – Admiralty Bay *[…]