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Top 5 Islands in Antarctica

Every now and then I love to write about Antarctica again. It still ranks as my number one travel trip to date. A pure Winter Wonderland. An untouched paradise and a total dream backpacking destination. I’ve told my story countless times, of how I lived cheaply in Tasmania working 12hour days and 7day weeks on Read more about Top 5 Islands in Antarctica[…]

5 Amazing Tranquil Islands!

I was thinking about all the islands I’ve visited and trying to narrow it down to the best ones, but I just couldn’t so I’ll compile a few different lists to sum them up in categories. First of all these are my 5 top tranquil islands. Places you can get away to for relaxing, with Read more about 5 Amazing Tranquil Islands![…]

Antarctica Adventures: The Hound Of The Cuverville

Date – Tuesday 9th November 2010 Where – Cuverville Island, Gerlache Strait, Antarctica Position – 64o 41′ S/ 62o 38′ W Weather – cold, snowy, windy    Ask me this time last year if I knew where Cuverville Island was and I say “no.” But, on the trip to Antarctic the “quest” to reach the Read more about Antarctica Adventures: The Hound Of The Cuverville[…]