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Top 5 Islands in Antarctica

Every now and then I love to write about Antarctica again. It still ranks as my number one travel trip to date. A pure Winter Wonderland. An untouched paradise and a total dream backpacking destination. I’ve told my story countless times, of how I lived cheaply in Tasmania working 12hour days and 7day weeks on Read more about Top 5 Islands in Antarctica[…]

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10 Places I LOVE Which Aren’t Even In The Lonely Planet!

I use the Lonely Planet Guide Booksquite a lot when I travel and I like them. Usually they are correct, mostly they are useful but sometimes they are horrendously wrong and ill-informed. As soon as they go to press they are out of date, as prices go up, bus timetables change, visa regulations change etc. Read more about 10 Places I LOVE Which Aren’t Even In The Lonely Planet![…]

postbox at port lockroy

Posting A Postcard From Antarctica at Port Lockroy

If you follow Don’t Stop Living, you might have read that I write and post my youngest brother a postcard from almost every new city and country I visit. If I can’t find a postbox or post office, I just wait until the next town and then post it. My favourite postcard memory so far Read more about Posting A Postcard From Antarctica at Port Lockroy[…]

Touring Port Lockroy: British Antarctic Base

Date – 11th November 2010 (remembrance day) Time – Between 10am – 12 noon Location – Port Lockroy, Goudier Island, Wiencke Islands, ANTARCTICA Position – 64o 49′ S, 63o 30′ W Temperature – 0 degrees Weather conditions – Cold, icy, snowstorm Wind – Relatively calm If not the defining moment of my Antarctica adventure, the Read more about Touring Port Lockroy: British Antarctic Base[…]

Antarctica Adventures: Jougla Point

I once worked with a nice young Indian lady called Jigna back in London in 2007 while working in Public Relations (at Bite Communications) and for some reason the landing at Jougla Point in Antarctica reminded me of her. Only by name however, as this was a land of penguins and blizzards, rather than the Read more about Antarctica Adventures: Jougla Point[…]