Consider These Spectacular Islands for Your First Jet Ski Adventure

Water sports are incredibly fun and rewarding. Not a lot of experiences come close to the sheer fun of riding the waves and spinning around on a wakeboard or trying to overcome two of the most treacherous elements while windsurfing.

Consider These Spectacular Islands for Your First Jet Ski Adventure

These kinds of sports don’t have to be all that extreme, though. There is a lot of fun to be had with some of the less demanding activities, such as kayaking or rafting. People of all ages and skill levels can have their pick from among sports and activities that involve having a great time on the water.

All of these sports and pieces of equipment should bow down to the ultimate king of fun water shenanigans: the jet ski. This motor vehicle can ride even the largest of waves and doesn’t take a lot of getting used to. Naturally, there is a certain amount of learning the ropes that need to be done before you can take your jet ski to the high sea.

If you’re a rookie, you should also consider finding out what the best jet ski for beginners is, in order to avoid overspending or getting a machine that you’re not quite ready to operate yet. As you get better and better, though, you’ll soon realize that this mode of transportation is not only really fun, but it can also serve as a very effective way of getting from one place to another, especially during an island vacation. There are plenty of jet ski tours and adventure packages that pride themselves on providing a great sightseeing experience, all from the water level.

Keep reading to learn more about the best jet ski islands, and discover what makes them stand out!

Malolo Island, Fiji

If a quiet family getaway is what you’re after, then the Malolo Island in Fiji is a place you absolutely cannot miss. It’s full of luxurious resorts and tour companies that are more than happy to show you the deepest secrets hidden in the lush jungles of Malolo.

Fiji Islands: White Sand, tranquil beaches and much more

The island is also perfectly suited for a jet ski adventure for people of all skill levels, but especially those who have just started dabbling in the sport. It is teeming with friendly guides that will take you on a tour of the area from the shore level. Nearly every resort on Malolo also has a place that will let you rent jet skis, regardless of whether you want to go on a tour or traverse the shores independently.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a long flight away from the U.S., but it’s more than worth the effort, as you’ll find out once you get there. The island of Phuket has a reputation for being very “touristy” and loud, especially at night time. It might not be the best choice for a family excursion, but it is ideal for a vacation with friends. Aside from a good time partying and mingling with the locals, Phuket has some serious waterside attractions on offer, which includes a very wide choice of jet ski adventures.

The island is very big, giving you plenty of space to get comfortable with the sea and the vehicle itself. With countless companies offering boat tours with a jet ski experience, you should always carefully examine the provider to make sure they abide by the latest safety standards.

Hamilton Island, Australia

Located just off the coast of Queensland, Hamilton Island is a part of a larger archipelago. It is renowned for its breathtaking sights and marvelous waters. It’s a very large island, and one of the best ways to traverse it is going around by sea. You can book a jet ski tour relatively easily at the hotel you’ll be staying at — most of the companies organizing tours are in cahoots with accommodation providers, as is the case on islands and other holiday destinations.

Aside from tours, you can also hire some of the best instructors that will show you the ropes. Riding jet skis in Hamilton Island makes for a great experience due to the high Australian safety standards and all of the natural wonders to behold.

If you’ve set your mind on going to Hamilton, you should get ready to spend some money while you’re there. Australia is an expensive place to live in as it is, but this is especially true for Hamilton Island, where the prices are incredibly inflated.

Santorini, Greece

Every day of your Greek vacation will be an unforgettable experience, for a few reasons. First of all, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the ancients every time you take a walk, even if it’s just from your hotel room to the breakfast area. Santorini, the beautiful volcanic island, is most known for its rugged natural landscape and tiny white-washed houses that seem like they are straight from a fairy tale.

Aside from historical wonders and volcanically-impacted landscapes, Santorini is also the perfect vacation choice for jet ski enthusiasts. The sights are most breathtaking when looked at from the water, and Ancient Greece-themed jet ski tours can prove to be an awesome adventure, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Final Thoughts

Planning your first jet ski adventure can be a tough challenge. Since it is your first time, you might not really be sure what to expect. Islands are a better choice than coastlines because the locals are much more experienced in water-travel since they need to get on a boat every time they want to go somewhere. Jet ski tours around an island usually make for great adventures and unusual ways to go sightseeing.

Regardless of which destination you choose, be sure to always adhere to the safety standards and stay in close proximity to your tour guide or instructor. The sea can be dangerous and treacherous, which is why you should never underestimate it.

Your first adventure on a jet ski will certainly be unforgettable, but you should make sure that it is so for all the right reasons. Poor safety standards or overly expensive resorts that seem to want to squeeze money from you every waking minute of the day can easily ruin the entire experience — be sure to do thorough research before you leave in order to get the most out of your holiday.

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