Fly Like a Professional

Fly Like a Professional

Some people spend hours a week in the air, and no we do not just mean the pilots and crew.  For some people, the jet set life is only part of a regular day as work sends them all over the globe.  For others, the morning of the flight can make you feel cold and clammy with fear.  Here are some great tips that can help make your trip a more chilled experience and leave you looking, on the outside at least, like a seasoned pro.

Flying into Gdańsk

Before You Fly

There are several little tricks that can make the flight more comfortable that start on the ground before you leave.  Firstly, if you are going to eat, keep your food light and low fat.  This is easier on your digestive system and means you are less likely to be trapped on a plane with painful indigestion or worst still embarrassing gas.  Bring snacks.  The restrictions on hand luggage focus more on liquids, so food is less of an issue.  Snacking is an excellent way to relieve boredom and also means you can keep your food intake low without getting really hungry. Hydration is a crucial issue, so be sure to drink plenty of water.  It may seem irritating to have to need the bathroom more, but once on the plane the fluids are put to good use keeping your system hydrated and it good working order.  So coffee is a bad thing to drink, as is alcohol.  You are better off sticking to water and green tea as these are the most beneficial.

dagron tours kaieteur

Flying over Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.

On the Plane

Once you are on the plane, you will be stuck for the duration.  Book a window seat, and you will be less disturbed by passing trolleys and your fellow passengers getting up and down.  Plus you will get a great view.  See if you can arrange to sit over the wing area as it is believed that being nearest to the centre of the plane offers some relief should you experience any turbulence on the flight.  It is best to travel in loose clothing where possible.  This might seem a faff if you are off to a business meeting but it is more comfortable for sitting a long time.  Another helpful tip is to wear layers.  You may find temperature fluctuations both on and off the flight so being able to add or remove a layer is quick and convenient.  An eye mask and some ear plugs are the best friends of many a traveller as you can escape into your own little world.

Backpacking in the Clouds.

Know Your Rights

When delays happen, they are inconvenient, but a seasoned pro takes it all in their stride because they know their rights.  From claiming while in the airport to a full compensation claim after the event, understanding the rules means you can relax and go with the flow rather than getting stressed and angry.  After two hours the airport should be taking steps to feed you at very least, and after three hours you are in compensation claim territory.

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