Friday’s Featured Food: Dinner at Corker’s, the Only British Bar in Belize

Friday's Featured Food - dinner at Corker's Belmopan - Belize's only British Pub.

Friday’s Featured Food – dinner at Corker’s Belmopan – Belize’s only British Pub.

While backpacking in Belize I ended up staying for two nights in the capital city Belmopan. I stayed in the El Rey Hotel there and found out that Belize’s only British Bar is right here, in Belmopan. It’s called Corker’s Bar and Restaurant and was only a 12minute walk from our hostel so we popped in around 6pm to sample its delights.

Having a beer in Corker's - Belize's only British Pub.

Having a beer in Corker’s – Belize’s only British Pub.

First up a bit of background knowledge is important and good to know. Belize is still part of the British Commonwealth, the national language is English and the Queen appears on every coin and banknote. However there is still very much a Central American and Caribbean vibe about the place. It was refreshing then to walk into a little piece of Britain here in Belmopan.

Corkers Bar and Restaurant, Belmopan, Belize.

Corkers Bar and Restaurant, Belmopan, Belize.

Corkers is small, cosy, welcoming and of course – British. I admire the walls adorned with Beer Coasters, the beer on tap, the British imports and we pick our food and drink. Then I meet the manager and it’s another crazy coincidence. She is Sam from Bournemouth in England. A town I spent years living in! The weirdest thing is that until the last week I had NEVER met another Bournemouthian on my travels and now suddenly three in a week. Firstly Alex who attended the crazy fireball festival with me in El Salvador. Then I met Jenny from Bournemouth on my boat from Belize City to Caye Caulker.

Outside Corkers in Belmopan, Belize.

Outside Corkers in Belmopan, Belize.

On the menu in Corkers there are meals typical of any British pub. I’m talking Sunday roasts, burgers, salads and fish n chips.

Menu in Corkers

Menu in Corkers

The cheapest beer on tap is the local stuff, Belikin so I opt for that. I’ve had a fair few Belikins in bottles so far but Corkers remains the first and only time I had draught beer in Belize. Panny orders the fish n chips (18 BD) and a glass of iced tea. I order the blue cheese burger (20 BD) and my beer. Here are the food photos…

IMG_1722 IMG_1721 IMG_1720 IMG_1723 IMG_1724 IMG_1725 IMG_1726

We also take a side dish of chicken wings. It’s our first restaurant meal for a while so we go large and splash out a bit! We had been self catering for a few days at the paradise of Xanadu Island Resort. The draft beer is good too. It’s cold and in a frosted glass which goes down well with me as the beating sun sinks behind us leaving the tranquil Belizean capital in darkness until independence day (tomorrow would be a holiday).

Fresh cold Belikin Beer

Fresh cold Belikin Beer

The food arrived fast. We devoured it quickly and just about finished it as they were big helpings! Our total bill came to under 60 Belize Dollars, so around $28/29 US Dollars and around £20 for a meal for two. Slightly more than my local pub The Windsor in Bangor (Northern Ireland) of course but Belize is the dearest country in Central America so it’s all good. Definitely worth heading to Corkers to eat drink and get your British fix as you backpack the streets of Belmopan!!

With Sam from Bournemouth in Corker's, Belmopan, Belize.

With Sam from Bournemouth in Corker’s, Belmopan, Belize.

Here are the details on Corker’s Bar and Restaurant:

TopFloor Hibiscus Plaza
Melhado Parade
Belmopan, Belize
[email protected]

T / (501) 822-0400 C / (501) 633-5323
​THURSDAY-SATURDAY – 11am – 10pm

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