Friday’s Featured Food: Eel Fried Rice in Kaiping, China

eel fried rice in Kaiping in China

Friday’s Featured Food: Eel Fried Rice in Kaiping, China

Today I head back to China (a country I LOVE visiting) for Friday’s Featured Food. I was loving the Kaiping Diaolou Tour in and around the city of Kaiping (called Hoi Ping in Cantonese) and it was time to eat. China with its endless range of foods needs to be sampled. I admit to not being a food freak or amazingly fond of Chinese food, but I was pleasantly surprised by the eel fried rice.

trying eel fried rice in Kaiping in China

A feast including the eel fried rice in Kaiping

What is eel fried rice?

Basically it’s the same as a chicken fried rice or a pork fried rice, except the meat is actually chopped and sliced eel. I have to say it was delicious!

Chinese eel and rice in Kaiping

Eating my eel fried rice in Kaiping in China

The eel has been sliced into thin strips and goes down a treat topped by the fact the rice and vegetables here in Kaiping were a little above average, this made for a memorable meal. I washed it down with a Coke and a beer!

Chinese restaurant table

My Coke, my Beer and my Eeel Fried Rice in Kaiping, China

Where can you try eel fried rice?

Good question and I’m not sure I can totally answer you, mainly because every restaurant is different and everything is written only in Chinese in Kaiping, but the restaurant I went to was on a main road on the edge of town.

Restaurant in Kaiping China

The Kaiping restaurant will be hard to find – nothing written in English unfortunately but great eel fried rice!

I was travelling with my girlfriend, whose father was born in Kaiping so we were with family and organising the trip there and the selecting of eel fried rice was all made easy for me. Ask for Eeel fried rice, ask for eel, or write this down: 鳗鱼炒饭 and you might just get some.

Jonny Blair in Zili Village Kaiping

Relaxing in Zili Cluster Village on the edge of Kaiping on the tour where I tried the eel fried rice.

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