Glory Days Loyal: January 2008 All Blog Posts

“Footloose and fancy free, she comes to rescue me” – Kurt Nilsen.

Glory Days Loyal: January 2008 All Blog Posts

Glory Days Loyal: January 2008 All Blog Posts

At the start of 2008, I had a broken leg and was housebound. I actually spent most of those days studying and watching Michael Palin DVDs of his global travels. I was preparing myself for bigger and better travels once my leg had healed. It was actually early April before my leg (which had three broken bones) totally healed. I had only really written about my time living by The Thames in Dartford and my job in London for Bite Communications. It feels a lifetime ago now, so many stories from those halcyon days are forgotten, but many gems from it are being released now in the Backpacking Centurion book series.

A Bad End To 2007: Footloose and Legless

It was in January 2008 that I wrote my one and only blog post about Liechtenstein. When I visit every country on the FIFA list, Liechtenstein is one I really want to go back to as I didn’t sleep there and it was a mere day trip for a football match. Later on in life, I did the same with Vatican City, Adammia, Frestonia, Wallachia, Kugel Mugel, Monaco and a few other countries.

Here are my only 3 blog posts from January 2008.

5th January 2008 – (Over) Crowded London: Bite Communications
24th January 2008 – My Life By The Thames: Dartford, Kent, England
25th January 2008 – Everybody Liechtenstein, What’s That You Say?

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