Glory Days Loyal: 2007 All Blog Posts

“Where it began, woo oh oh oh” – Neil Diamond.

Glory Days Loyal: 2007 All Blog Posts

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Where it began, I know. It began in Toronto in Canada. An unlikely city to inspiring a nomadic Ulsterman’s whackpacking writing dream. It all began in Toronto in September 2001 when I spied the words “DON’T STOP LIVING” on a High School Wall. Nobody else saw it or pinched it. It was all Jurassic Cheeseburger.

“Step away from the cookie jar” – Garref Keenan from the Office’s desk cookie jar!

Watching the Toronto Blue Jays with travel blogger Lee Price in 2007

travel blog in canada toronto irish

Having a beer with fellow travel blogger Mike Burkimsher – the guy bottom left who inspired me to start my blog back in 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

Just under 6 years later I was back backpacking in Toronto Canada. I met two travel bloggers in that dorm room – Lee Price and Mike Burkimsher and suddenly all my written notes went online. Today, in a fifteenth different calendar year of being a travel blogger, I decided to check if Lee and Mike still have their blogs online. Click on these links and you will find the answer…

Lee Price’s Blog – Traveller’s Point

Mike Burkimsher’s Blog – The Long Way Home

Here are all my posts from 2007 altogether. Buy my book for more Raddy antics.

“Altogether now, in no man’s land” – The Farm.

27th August 2007 – Welcome to Don’t Stop Living
28th August 2007 – Stepping Stones to Canada: Toronto
29th August 2007 – New York: Empire State Halo
30th August 2007 – What The Hell Am I Doing Drinking in LA at 27?
31st August 2007 – Auckland: Dust From A Distant Sun

1st September 2007 – Backpacking in New Zealand: Is This The Way To Rotorua?
2nd September 2007 – Backpacking in New Zealand: Relaxing in Hamilton, North Island
3rd September 2007 – I Left My Dreams in Taupo, New Zealand
6th September 2007 – Malaysia…Kuala Lumpur in Transit
8th September 2007 – Foreigner in Beijing, People’s Republic of China
9th September 2007 – Backpacking in Russia: Stranger in Moscow and the 1917 Revolutions
11th September 2007 – White Russia (Bel -a – Rus) – Where the hell is Bobruisk??
12th September 2007 – Five Nil and you still Don’t sing! Belarus 5-0 Northern Ireland, in Bobruisk
17th September 2007 – Backpacking in Poland: Warszawa Skies They Wont Rain On You
19th September 2007 – Smith’s Not Dead!!! – Party up Prague
20th September 2007 – Inter Railing in Europe: Czech Republic to Former Communist East Germany
21st September 2007 – Backpacking in Germany: Hangovers in Hannover
22nd September 2007 – Backpacking in Germany: Die Grune Zitadelle, Hundertwasser, Magdeburg
26th September 2007 – Backpacking in Germany: Osterweddingen!!
30th September 2007 – Backpacking in Germany: So are Hamburgers from here or not?

1st October 2007 – Backpacking in Germany: Grune Weiss Army, Bremen
2nd October 2007 – Backpacking in Luxembourg: Exploring Lovely Luxembourg City
4th October 2007 – Roadtripping Through Belgium
5th October 2007 – This Couldn’t Be Rotterdam Or Anywhere
6th October 2007 – Le Sud De France…Marseille
8th October 2007 – Ou Est Le Gare, S’il Vous Plait?
9th October 2007 – The Belfast Child Sings Again….
12th October 2007 – Backpacking in Riga, Latvia: It’s literally Baltic…
13th October 2007 – Backpacking in Germany: So The Berling Wall Came Down By Accident Then?
15th October 2007 – Backpacking in Reykjavik, Iceland: The World’s Most Northernly Capital City
23rd October 2007 – Backpacking in Iceland: Touring Pingvellir
25th October 2007 – Backpacking in Iceland: Gullfoss, Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…
26th October 2007 – Backpacking in Iceland: Dodgy Geysir
27th October 2007 – Backpacking in Iceland: Stranger in Keflavik
31st October 2007 – Backpacking in Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

2nd November 2007 – A Log On The Island, Travelling In Stockholm, Sweden
12th November 2007 – The Bangor Boat’s Away

28th December 2007 – Sunny Sunny Bournemouth


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