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It was in February 2008 that I started to reminisce a lot more and write about glory days, some of these posts were written from memory, many of them them simply from my handwritten diary. Notably I covered a family holiday to Afandou in Greece, where my Dad wrote a poem/song to sing to us all. Is this the way to Afandou? Why Don’t You Travel With Me? I also started to write a lot more, I had mastered the uploading process and my blog was slowly becoming the blog I always wanted it to be – a complete document of my life for others to read.

A Bad End To 2007: Footloose and Legless

A Bad End To 2007: Footloose and Legless

As well as writing all of these with a broken leg, I started to realise that this was my blog and I could write anything. It didn’t have to be about travel. So I started to write about my jobs, about life, about football and even about a funeral here.

A Bad End To 2007: Footloose and Legless

All February 2008 blog posts.

5th February 2008 – Attending George Best’s Funeral at Stormont, Belfast, Northern Ireland
13th February 2008 – Working Wednesdays: ASDA La Vista Baby! Springbourne, Bournemouth, England
16th February 2008 – A Bad End To 2007: Footloose and Legless
17th February 2008 – Studying Saturdays: Beavering Away, Life in Belvoir, Belfast, Northern Ireland
18th February 2008 – Is This The Way To Afandou? Why Don’t You Travel With Me?
19th February 2008 – Here We Go…Again – The fanzine undeniably infatuated with the Northern Ireland international football team
20th February 2008 – It means nothing to me….ooh Vienna!
21st February 2008 – “Jonny Blair On The Air” – Nerve Radio Days!
22nd February 2008 – “I need more time just to make things right” …my love of Oasis and the 1990s
24th February 2008 – That Time I Managed a Rock Band Called The Waves
25th February 2008 – Backpacking in the USA: The White Stripes Trip to Staten Island, New York
27th February 2008 – Working Wednesdays: The Silence of The Lambs…Life As a Butcher
28th February 2008 – Last Train To Somewhere (Come Take A Ride) – Wee Blue Folk
28th February 2008 – South of England Northern Ireland Supporters Club: Good Times Never Seemed So Good
29th February 2008 – Happy New Year! Southend United 2-1 AFC Bournemouth (31.12.2005)

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