How to Get a Belarus Visa in Warsaw, Poland

How to Get a Belarus Visa in Warsaw, Poland

How to Get a Belarus Visa in Warsaw, Poland

I recently made a long awaited return to Belarus. It was originally one of the first 25 countries I ever visited, back in 2007 when I was attending the Belarus v. Northern Ireland women’s match. At the time I got my Belarus visa from the Embassy in London. On that trip I also backpacked through Bobruisk and Minsk. But life never took me back to Belarus…until February 2018.

Backpacking through Belarus – the train from Minsk to Bobruisk

With some of the Belarus ladies team.

A few of my Polish friends decided on a last minute trip to Grodno in Belarus, as it’s only 20 miles from the Polish border, near the city of Białystok. So off we went. But first I needed yet another Embassy visit to secure my visa. This time, I headed to the Belarus Embassy in Warsaw. It was a tough visa to secure, with five visits needed and they also rejected my accommodation at the Hostel Kip Town in Grodno. Shame on the Embassy!

Backpacking in Belarus: Staying at the Kip Town Hostel in Grodno

Hash tagging #belaruskie as well as #grodno and #belarus

Back in Belarus, 2018

As I now write on my local blog about Poland, I have covered how to get the visa on my new site, you can check it out if you need to get a visa for Belarus. Getting a Belarus visa in Warsaw, Poland. Please also note that if you are not overlanding, but flying in and out of Minsk for 5 days, some nationalities can now get a visa on arrival.

Belarus in 2007

Getting a ride with Krzysziek from Kuźnica (Poland) to Grodno (Belarus)

Thirsty Thursdays in the Hotel Bar in Bobruisk, Belarus (about 40 pence this time)

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