How To Stay Safe In The World of Sexual Fetishes

For sure I have written a few articles about crazy adventures in dating, in sexual encounters and also in nudity. These days, the world of sex and the subs and doms ideal should not be a taboo topic. I guess for those fake bloggers, GuruGods and fake “influencers“, they are too scared to tell us the truth. Instead they stick to promoting crap products or taking posed selfies on a beach in Crailand, Swingawhore or Bangyersesh! Move over liars, it’s time for the real thing. Here are some ways to make sure you stay safe when entering the sexual world or subs and doms (or dominance and submission).

Live Sex Show, Amsterdam.

1.Give Your Partner What They Want
Sticking to a fetish is the best way to do this. If it’s what the other half wants, it’s what they will get. The fact is that fetish dating can be seen in many different ways. It might be that they like to dress up in a nurses uniform, or blood stain their tops and cover their faces with counterfeit blood a la Halloween party. If this is the case, work the sex around it. Get dressed up for Halloween and soon the pumpkins will be out and the carrot will be ready to find it’s socket.

2.Wear appropriate protection
STDs and diseases related to foreplay and kissing are still around, so please please wear protection. In fact, this is a great way to stay safe whilst also getting raunchy as you can buy condoms in all sorts of shapes and sizes now. So go condom shopping, and get the right fit before a night in the sack with full protection!

Stylish condoms

3.Don’t Go Too Hard
Even if your fetish is related to slapping or taking full body control in the subs and doms world, be aware that it should have its limit as nobody wants to get hurt. So, excuse the pun and don’t go in too hard. You can always keep tabs on sites such as to ensure you are not going to hurt each other in your sensational crazy acts of pleasure. Know the limits of the craziness, even in slapping.

Getting Handcuffed and Spanked in the home of Masochism in Lviv, Ukraine

Getting Handcuffed and Spanked in the home of Masochism in Lviv, Ukraine

4.Start Off With An Old Fashioned Date
Let the evening of fun start slowly by taking your partner out for a date. Make it an old style date, head to a traditional restaurant or pub, under candlelight. Start with some delicious food, a few casual drinks before getting touchy feely in the restaurant. If you are feeling adventuruous, start the pleasures in that bar by kissing, removing bras or undercrackers before taking a taxi back to the bedroom for a night of boom boom-ing!

5.Shower Before and After
This might seem obvious of course, but to be clean before and after the spot of hanky panky is an essential part of it. Whatever your fettish, at least start off clean. Get as dirty as you want during the raunchiness of the sex, and then afterwards grab a hot shower, or bath and a cup of coffee to keep everything in good order.

All is well that ends well. And remember sex is fun and thrilling – don’t be shy about it and enjoy it whilst staying safe!

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