Making Every Trip Into a Retreat When Travelling

Making Every Trip Into a Retreat When Travelling

There are many reasons that we travel. These can include seeing sights we have never seen before, for work, to see family and friends, for health reasons, or just because we love to travel. In all of these cases we have the opportunity to take our travel to the next level. By working to make every trip a retreat it means when we come back home we will always feel more rested and refreshed. This is so much better than the types of trips where we come back stressed and in need of a vacation from our trip. Some of the areas you can consider when searching for ways to turn your trip into a retreat include what personal and sleep products you might bring, how you can incorporate your hobbies, and how you can make lasting memories. 

Making Every Trip Into a Retreat When Travelling

Making Every Trip Into a Retreat When Travelling

Personal Products:

When traveling it can be nice to bring one of two of our favorite personal products. This can look like bringing your favorite rosemary shampoo, or the soap you love, or even your favorite toothbrush. If you love a certain product and are not sure you will be able to get it where you are going there is no reason not to bring it with you. Having personal products you love with you as you travel serves a two fold purpose. It helps make your trip more relaxing and it makes wherever you are staying feel a bit more like home. When traveling it is also a great idea to bring one or two personal products that feel like treats to you. Having the right personal products can help take your travel to the next level.

Products To Help You Sleep:

When traveling and dealing with jet lag it is very important to make sure you bring items that will help you get a deep restful sleep. While occasionally you will find yourself in need of a quick nap in an airport, or on a bus, typically you will be sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. In order to make an unfamiliar bed feel more like home you might bring your favorite pillow or eye mask. You might bring some lavender scented pillow spray in order to help calm down your nervous system after the stress of traveling or your favorite calming tea. You also might find a perfect background noise clip on youtube some which include gentle falling rain, snow crunching, thunder, or even trickling water. There are so many options you are almost guaranteed to find one that works for you. Having what you need for a good night’s sleep means you will be able to explore feeling energized and refreshed.


Depending on the hobby there are many ways that you can bring your hobby with you as you travel. If your hobby is packable such as doing crossword puzzles or sudoku puzzles, pack them in your suitcase. If you love to read, download a few books on your device before leaving. If you love to write, throw in a journal. If you love to bird watch, but a guide for local birds in the areas you are traveling to.

If your hobby is too large to carry, find ways to include your hobby in your travels. If you love creating music go to a local concert. If you love woodworking consider taking an architecture tour. If you love to paint, take in a local small scale art gallery where you will be able to talk to the artists. No matter what your hobby is, there is a way you can incorporate it into your travels.

Making Memories:

When planning travel consider ways that you can make memories. This might be bringing a nice camera or planning on writing blog posts about what you are seeing and doing. This might look like going on a local tour, elephant back safari, or researching the best restaurants in the area. This also might look like taking the time to sit down and talk to the locals who have been there forever and asking them to tell their stories and the stories of their communities. Spending an extended amount of time with a local will really allow you to get an understanding of an area that you otherwise would not be able to. 

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