Glory Days Loyal: April 2008 All Blog Posts

As 2008 continued, I started backdating a load of stories from my travels. Some of this I had already written on paper, and in my old diaries, some of it was fresh. A lot of this month was focused on my time at Bournemouth University where I did a lot of crazy things away from attending university itself. These included –

  • The Lock In (a mock university Big Brother)
  • Selling ice cream
  • Locked Out (a mock university “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”)
  • Live radio shows
  • Nude radio show for charity
  • Working in a hotel I once slept in
  • Attending the NASTAs (National Student Video Awards)

Glory Days Loyal: April 2008 All Blog Posts

Glory Days Loyal: April 2008 All Blog Posts

2nd April 2008 – “Everybody Has To Lose Sometime” – The Jack Beattie Campaign June 1998
5th April 2008 – Hong Kong Army Alfred! Southampton FA Cup Final Day (May 2006)
6th April 2008 – 10th Bangor Boy’s Brigade: Northern Ireland Champions 1997 – 1998
7th April 2008 – The Lock In Part One: Auditions, Voting and The Big Night!
10th April 2008 – The bleakness of communism…living differently in similarity
11th April 2008 – Toronto Blue Jays v. Cleveland Indians – A Night At The Baseball
18th April 2008 – National Student TV Awards!! – The NASTAs, Loughborough, Easter 2005
19th April 2008 – The First David Beckham Training Session: LA Galaxy
22nd April 2008 – “I threw a brick through a window” – ending things appropriately in Bangor Grammar School
23rd April 2008 – The night the world champions came to town – Northern Ireland 0-1 France (August 1999)

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