Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Communal Eating

money saving travel tips eating communally

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Communal Eating – Our “60 People Dinner” in Tasmania.

Today on Monday’s Money saving tips we look at communal eating. It’s an easy way to save the cash, enjoy decent food and in good company. Admittedly I don’t do this as much as I used to these days, but in my early backpacking days I was eating with everyone else, getting to know people and saving money. You don’t want to go alone to the restaurant or cook alone in the hostel. It’s a backpackers world and people want to travel with you!

Some ways to do communal eating…

1. Supermarkets

Monday's Money Saving Tips: Communal eating from supermarkets

Just doing some communal shopping back in 2009 with my flatmates in Parramatta, AUSTRALIA! Yes we nicked a shopping trolley (took it back later).

Meet people in a hostel and go to the supermarket to get your messages together. Agree on what you will buy and split the money. Always cheap and cheerful. Then decide who is cooking, who is setting the table and who is cleaning up (I normally offer to clean up as I’m not a great chef!).

parramatta woolworths

Doing some communal shopping at Woolworths in Parramatta, Australia.

2. Deliveries

Admittedly this doesn’t initially sound like a money saving tip, but trust me it is. I did this a lot with pizza in Australia.

pizzas in parramatta money saving tips

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Communal Eatings – ordering bulk pizzas and getting a good deal!

The big pizza companies often give buy one get one free offers and discounts for big orders. So get your mates together and order in bulk a lot to save money. Thrown in a few beers and a board game and you’re night is sorted!

3. Restaurants

When you’re eating out you will always spend more when you are alone. So go together and pick stuff to share and cut your bill – there also won’t be any wasted food this way. Plain and simple tip here but often neglected by travellers. You can afford to go to restaurants sometimes you know!

dont stop living a lifestyle of travel money saving tips eating in seoul south korea

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Communal Eating in Seoul, South Korea.

4. Parties

Organise a party and get everyone to contribute something and decide on a price, say $5 per person to provide food then share everything. This way you get a range of food, everybody spends the same and believe me you will have food left over for the next day. This reminds me of when I lived with almost 100 people in Tasman Backpackers/Tasman House in Devonport, Tasmania.

money saving tips for food on your travels

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Communal Eating – a big party was on in Tasmania!!

We had MASSIVE food parties where everyone made or bought something for the value of a mere $5 AU. The parties were some of the best times I’ve had on my travels. Big love and kudos to the Tasman Backpackers team – class of 2010.

tasman backpackers parties

Over 50 people for dinner at our big parties in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia!

5. Staff Parties

Communal eating at staff parties is the best. It’s free, it’s fun and there’s normally alcohol involved. I’ve been to a fair few of these in my time, almost every job I have had has included mega staff parties – so don’t miss them. Free food and often free booze.

Why is Communal Eating good?

Honestly there are a load of reasons as to why communal eating is good, here are just some of them!

– sharing the cost of the food means a cheaper bill
– you won’t go hungry – plenty of food to go around
– you get to sample a wider variety of food when you share
– you get to eat with cool people
– you get a more diverse range of food cultures and experiences
– if you don’t like some of the food, try a different dish – someone will eat the one you don’t like
– rarely ever wasted food
– cultural experience eating in a group
– great fun
– great memories
– looks better in photos to have lots of people and lots of food!
– on occasions you’ll have some left over for the next day!
– it’s one of DSL’s Monday’s Money Saving Tips 😉
massive food party in tasman backpackers tasmania

Admiring the mega table ahead of another night of communal eating on my travels!

Right it’s a busy week of planning for me so that’s your Monday’s money saving tips for today, got some really exciting places to go to in the next few months! Can’t wait!

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