Reminiscing the USA: My Time in Florida

Reminiscing the USA: My Time in Florida

Long before I was backpacking, I had some family adventures in the USA. They are so untypical of my travels, that I never wrote about them. Can you believe I once toured Walt Disney World, Splendid China, Universal Studios and Orlando Florida? I didn’t even backpack it in hostels. I remember we had swanky rooms in a hotel, something similar to the Clickstay Villas in Orlando. We toured all the main sights in and around Kissimmee and Orlando and I got to meet Mickey Mouse. Yes really!

Luxury in Florida with Clickstay Villas

1.Universal Studios
I headed to Universal Studios and did all the textbook tourism. Eating at the Hard Rock Cafe, going on crazy rollercoasters and taking selfies at the Bates Motel from the Hitchcock Golden era of movies. It’s strange looking back now, as that type of tourism isn’t really my thing anymore! I prefer to backpack crazy republics these days.

Universal Studios Florida

2.Walt Disney World
Yes I also got to meet Mickey Mouse and sing “it’s a small world after all” while backpacking through the main sights of Walt Disney World. I don’t think I can count this as a visit to another country, as it’s all a bit of a fantasy world.

Meeting Michael and Minnie Mouse.

3.Clearwater Beach
We spent a few days at the beaches of Florida basking in the hot weather of this, the “Sunshine State”. Those days were good. Be sure to wear sun cream as Florida gets really hot. It was the furthest away from home I had been at the time (1996) and we swam in the warm ocean.

Clearwater Beach

4.Splendid China
Before I even headed to Chongqing, Suzhou or Yongding, I was touring a model theme park based on China. This is a purely epc idea. A bit similar to the “World Theme Park” in Shenzhen.

Touring Ta Pa Tsune/Taxia Village in China’s Fujian Province

Sadly I toured Florida in the times before digital cameras were widespread so I don’t have many photos to show for it. But I may scan  in the physical photos at some point to give you an idea about my pre-Don’t Stop Living travels. Despite the fact that this website turns 10 this August, the story is over for now. Depression and the acts of horrible liars forced me to quit, and set up a new project to try and keep my smile genuine. You can see this in action at Northern Irishman in Poland. One day I will return to Florida and stay in a resort like this:

Nice resort in Florida

So head to Florida and check out some of the cool options from Clickstay Villas in Orlando. Safe and happy travels!

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