Salar De Uyuni Part 13 – A Night At Height In Hospedaje Las Rocas

On my wanders round this sphere I have stayed in many places of various varieties through the years. This has included trains, houses, tents, hostels, hotels, inns, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, motels, cars, settees, airports, buses, boats, flats and even bars. However this was the highest place I have ever stayed at (not including flights). At an elevation of well over 4,000 metres above sea level, you wouldn’t even believe there is a guest house here. But we drive away from the Laguna Colorada and arrive at Hospedaje Las Rocas.

The front of this amazing wee hostel. Much better and much more authentic than any of your poncey 5 Star Hilton stuff! This sort of place is a traveller’s paradise. No phones, no TVs, no internet, nobody even around to burgle you. We did have lighting, electricity and cold showers which was amazing. This was the highest place I have ever stayed and naturally I loved it.

The 6 of us in our group had all bonded pretty well and we were all staying the same room for the night. This was the second night of the three day Salar De Uyuni tour. My bed in the above photo is the one with the green towel (and the mess) on it. The guy in green is Tom from Switzerland.

After getting settled into the beds and room and getting showered it was time for afternoon tea and biscuits. The total joys of travel.

Afternoon tea with milk and sugar and coconut biscuits that we shaped to spell u y u n i (Uyuni!).

As artistic as we got in Hospedaje Las Rocas.

My tea was by Toddy, also the nickname for an old football travelling buddy from the North of England NISC.

We jumped on the jeep roof at Hospedaje Las Rocas. 

We weren’t just the highest people in the village or area, we were higher than most of Europe at an elevation of over 4,000 metres above sea level.

Dinner late on at the hostel included a free glass of red wine. It got dark very quickly.We played a few random games in the room such as throwing a ball into a hat, merely for our own amusement. There was little else to do there. And not much lighting. For those reasons I think I went to sleep quite early, yet had a restless night and awoke with a headache.

We were awoken around 4 am believe it or not as we had yet another big day ahead, including visiting volcanoes and a morning swim all before breakfast. I had a splitting headache and slept on the jeep. To gave me some tablets kindly. I blamed it on the high altitude.

From – Laguna Colorada

To – Hospedaje Las Rocas

Elevation – Over 4,000 Metres

Key Song –


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