Salar De Uyuni Tour – Part 12 – Laguna Colorada

Sounds like it should be in the USA. But only for those who refuse to use basic language translation. Laguna Colorada, of course just means “Lake Colour Red” in English. Obvious, especially given the red tint of this naturally picturesque highland lake. This Laguna was a highlight from the Salar de Uyuni jeep trip in South Western Bolivia.

It wasn’t without incident however and on arrival at the height of the entrance to the National Park, we had to pay something like 140 Bolivianas to get in.

This was the moment I couldn’t find my money. But I had put it at the bottom of my bag the night before in Uyuni.

After paying for the ticket and signing in, we were on a jeep trip at the height of 4000 metres above sea level.

The wee hut at the entrance to Laguna Colorada.

Flying the flag for Northern Ireland at the entrance.

Signing the visitor book.

A map of the area.

The trip through the rocky terrain to Laguna Colorada.

Arrival at Laguna Colorada. It looked like Jupiter and felt like we were walking on the moon.

There is a lot of volcanic activity around, but we went into the “water” regardless.

Northern Ireland flag.

The height of nudity. Getting naked in Bolivia.

Putting my pants back on.

Another nice moment with my Northern Ireland flag.

This water is truly breathtaking. There were a few flamengoes in the background.

With my quality French buddies on this part of my travels. Guillaume and Benoit. Class lads, hope to see them again someday!

Laguna Colorada was special. Just being so high up, alone with nature and seeing the water turn a reddy/pinky/orangey colour mainly due to sediment and algae forming. Will probably never be back there in this lifetime.

From – Arbor De Petra

To – Laguna Colorada

Height – 4,000 odd metres above sea level

What it means – Lake Coloured Red

Transport Used – 4 x 4 Jeep

Key Song –


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