The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic On Health and Travelling

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The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic On Health and Travelling

We talk frequently on this site about the importance of health when it comes to traveling. After all, without your health, traveling becomes difficult, if not impossible. Given that we’re living through a global pandemic – one that seems to worsen by the day – it feels fitting to touch upon this subject again.

Obviously, on this blog, we’re massive fans of traveling. In fact, it’s kind of like our lifeblood. As you can see by the exhaustive list of countries we’ve explored, nothing is more exciting to us than stepping foot on a new land and learning about a new culture or society in person. 

But these are unprecedented times and while there are still countries out there accepting tourists, the risks associated with traveling must be acknowledged. 

Additionally, because so many hospitals are overworked by COVID-19, some of them are slammed to the point of peak capacity and that’s cutting into the treatment available to people who don’t have the virus but who have other serious, possibly life-threatening conditions. 

From diagnostic screenings to mental health consultations, it’s important to not let the pandemic derail any treatments or medical attention you need.

Make sure you’re still getting regular cancer screenings

If you’re in a certain risk category and age, you need to get regular screenings for cancer. For men, prostate cancer is much more common than most people think and there are many different kinds, including acinar adenocarcinoma, ductal adenocarcinoma, transitional cell cancer, and several others. 

According to the American Cancer Society, there are nearly 175,000 new cases of prostate cancer and over 30,000 deaths annually. However, prostate is no longer a death sentence and, in fact, many men now beat it with only minimally invasive procedures. In addition to prostate cancer natural treatment options, advances in early detection, diagnosis, and staging have made it a very survivable cancer.

Of course, prostate cancer is just one of many forms for which you must be screened. If you’re planning to travel in the future, make sure that the pandemic doesn’t distract you from getting cancer tests. Waiting even a year can be the difference between a treatable tumor and a fatal one. 

Take mental health seriously

I’ve written about mental health struggles on this blog before and, during the pandemic, this issue has become more relevant than ever. Millions of people who already struggle with mental illness are suffering additional pain because of the isolation and anxiety caused by the quarantines and social distancing measures. Many more people who may have never experienced poor mental health before are taking on a new challenge and it can dramatically affect families. 

The Reason For My 13 Months of Depression and Daily Suicidal Thoughts

Take mental health seriously

Especially for people who love to travel and do so every chance they get, the alienation caused by the pandemic can cause depression, anxiety, stress, and other symptoms. 

The most important thing right now is to at least acknowledge if you’re struggling. There’s no virtue in denial when it comes to something like this. If you’re experiencing severe depression, try to schedule a virtual appointment with your doctor. If there are problems with that – such as a long delay before your appointment – you can get immediate help with mental health hotlines

These are unprecedented times which call for thinking outside the box. This blog is devoted to traveling and while there are still dozens of countries you could travel to right now, it may be worth sitting out a few plays as the world figures out how to control this coronavirus. 

In the meantime, take the necessary precautions so that when it is safe to travel again, you will be fit as a fiddle and ready to explore the world again. Start by making sure you are getting the necessary diagnostic screenings you need and taking care of the mental health of you and your loved ones. 

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