Top 5 Entertainment Cities For Backpacking Tourists

It can be hard to choose the best entertainment cities around the world. My opinion on this is also changing very often. Sometimes, we want pubs and bars, sometimes it is sports, sometimes gambling and betting. In fact sometimes, doing a Night Safari in Singapore or watching fireflies in Indonesia is the finest entertainment option. Luckily, I did a lot of them down the years and decided to pick a top 5, at least for now.

Night Safari Singapore Zoo 2009

Night Safari Singapore Zoo 2009

These are some cracking options to get back to, once entertainment becomes a real option again, post COVID-19.

1.Warszawa, POLAND

The Polish capital might not be the first on your list, but since 2016 this place became my home and it offers no shortage of night time entertainment. Whether it’s a cinema, a stripjoint, a casino, a football stadium or a bar – this city has it all. What’s more is that Poland has a very relaxed 24 hour drinking culture – the bar will shut when you stop drinking. So bascially you could be up from dusk until dawn, still on the rip. Some of the bars in Pawilony are fantastic but I also love Pijalnia Wodka i Piwo. Tha architecture is admirable too.

Warsaw, Poland. A cracker of a city.

Warsaw, Poland. A cracker of a city.


The Northern Irish certainly know how to party and what is more amazing about spending nights out in Belfast is the history of this place. Through all its troubles and problems, Belfast never lost its ability to be a hard working, drinking city for the intrepid visitor. Top notch bars, political murals, decent music and endless craic or banter, this is a city to get on your list. Check out the famous Crown Bar. Pop in for a quick one, and stay for a few.

The interior of the Crown Bar is just stunning - a work of art.

The interior of the Crown Bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland

3.Monte Carlo, MONACO

No list of the best entertainment cities should skip at least one city that boasts a fantastic casino and gambling lifestyle. For this post, t’s move over Macau and Las Vegas and enter…Monte Carlo. If it’s a Chance on the Roulettes or a Live Casino Bonus you are after, you can for sure find it here in Monte Carlo. For the backpacking quirky country counter – you can also add in a new country. Monaco is officially separate from France.

Why Do Online Casinos Get Popular During A Time Like This?

Outside the famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

4.London, ENGLAND

I spent a year in London in England, where I loved the nightly entertainment. Whether it was a full on pub crawl day out such as the epic Monopoly Pub Crawl or a night at the theatre, there was always something special and exciting to do there.

Monopoly Pub Crawl in London


Another city on this list that I lived in and loved was Sydney. This huge city on the east coast of Australia has an endless array of nightly ideas to keep you occupied. From pancakes on the rocks to watchign bats fly in the parks, it’s a city that sure knows how to impress. Personally though, as a pub geek, I love a bit of bar hopping. I spent a fair few nights in and around Kings Cross out on the rip…

A night out in O'Malley's in Sydney, Australia

A night out in O’Malley’s in Sydney, Australia

Those are just five cool entertainment cities that I loved from my long term travels. Once the pandemic eases, hopefully we will be back visiting them all again soon.

Stay safe!

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