Travel List for British Travellers. What Do You Need to Take With You?

Travelling is one of the most exciting possibilities to explore new places and meet new people. Great Britain is full of amazing locations to visit – probably anyone can find something for himself, starting with astonishing big cities, as London and up to beautiful countryside and seashores.  

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Travel List for British Travellers. What Do You Need to Take With You?

You can ensure the pleasure from your trip by thought through and effective packing. It is always good to know what to expect and what to take wit you. It doesn’t matter whether you are going backpacking with a minimal budget or staying in the luxury hotels, there are several common items that you should definitely take with you: 

Raincoat and Windproof Umbrella

Yes, British weather is well-known for fast changes and grey days even in summertime. So despite the season when you are travelling, you probably going to need one of these items. It is good to take both because a raincoat can be really useful in the open areas. And your hands will be free!  

The windproof umbrella is also a fascinating choice. You are definitely going to use it several times. And if you are staying in Britain for a long time, for example, you are getting an education there; you won’t regret investing in a quality item.  

Electronic Gear 

Please remember that Great Britain uses 220v three pin system, which means that you probably are going to need a travel adaptor for your devices. If some of your devices work on the 110v system, they might not be able to work in the higher voltage, so it is good to check the instructions beforehand.  


Plus, always take a portable charger and an external power bank so you can charge your phone any time and anywhere. Maybe you’ll need to use Google Maps, and you are running off the batteries. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere just because of your own negligence! You can also use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks. It helps to overcome many of the internets’ restrictions and limitations.  


Firstly, check the weather forecast for the travel period. We all know that the weather in the UK is moody, and forecasts may lie, but it is still better to have it checked than not. I would also recommend taking several layers of clothes so you can wear them together if you need to adjust to the climate. If you are staying in London and going to visit some fancy places be ready with a night outfit – the nightlife in the capital is pretty demanding.  

If you are travelling to the North and, especially to Scotland, pack a couple of warm sweaters, you probably are going to need them.  

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Get packing

Comfortable Shoes 

This is another factor that can have a significant impact on your trip. Uncomfortable shoes can damage your feet and cause a lot of pain so you want to be able to experience everything in a good mood.  

If you are staying in cities and visiting museums, take any comfortable shoes you like – sneakers or any other flats. You are probably going to walk a lot around the city because there are plenty of beautiful and hidden places and things to see. And London, for example, is known for its vest walking areas. Refrain from wearing high heels unless it is required by the dress code of an event you are going to attend. High heels are never a good choice for any trip.  

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials – Boots


You probably will need hiking boots or waterproof boots if you are visiting places like Stonehenge and the countryside. Don’t stop just in the cities – explore the beautiful nature of Great Britain!  

Passport and Travel Insurance 

Documents are important, and the insurance is crucial. It is a safety measure that needs to be taken on any trip. In case of travel insurance, it is better to be cautious. When choosing one, remember to check the details and what exactly it insures. If you are going to any specific places like mountains or some sports events – buy the insurance plan that will cover these activities.  

If you are travelling from another country check the due date of your passport and whether you need a visa. It is a good idea to use a passport pouch just for safety reasons. Great Britain is quite a safe place, but you can never be too protected. And you don’t want to lose your passport on the way.  

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Passport and cash.

Day Bag 

Students like to go for backpacking vacations because it is cheaper and more fun if you are traveling with friends. In any case be sure to take a comfortable day bag with you where you can place the necessary belongings. You don’t need to wear a huge travel backpack all the time – you will just get tired, it is better to leave it in the place you are staying in and go for an adventure. Take a bag with several pockets so you can place items ergonomically and wise.  


Take all the necessary little things that are so easy to forget about: toothbrush, shampoo, lotion – any products that you are used to. If you are travelling by plane, it is always beneficial to take some wipes and lip balm because the air conditioning in the aeroplane can make your skin really dry and uncomfortable. The sleep mask is also a good idea especially for those you have troubles sleeping in the new places. Needless to say, a hand sanitizer is a must-have option for any traveller.  

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So, when travelling to Great Britain, it is necessary to remember about comfort and safety. The choice of the clothes and gear you are taking with you depends on the locations you are going to visit.   


Hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as writers have enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading and good luck with your startup! 

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