Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Toilet Roll

Dont stop living a lifestyle of travel - toilet roll is a travel essential!

Carrying toilet roll is today’s Tuesday’s Travel Essential!

OK so you might have read my shocking story about doing a sh1t on a broccoli field. Or you might have been repulsed by it and deliberately avoided it – but when nature calls there isn’t a great deal we can do about it. That’s why today’s Tuesday’s Travel Essentials has to be on toilet roll. Toilet Roll is a travellers’ Godsend, especially in South America, Africa and Asia.

Tuesday's travel essentials on dont stop living

Any toilet will do in an emergency but by always carrying toilet roll you won’t have to worry!

In my backpack at all times I carry a small (not a full roll by the way) amount of toilet roll. As travellers you know that nature can call at the most ridiculous of times. Here’s a few places I’ve done a sh1t on my travels:

Don't Stop Living - Tuesday's Travel Essentials - always carry toilet roll

Getting my bum out in an office – these situations are always worse when you don’t have toilet roll…

– Top of a mountain in China

Broccoli field

– Roadside in Bolivia

And my regret in one of those was that I didn’t have toilet roll so had to improvise by using my pants. Parts of Asia also have power shower squirters for cleaning your bum and they come in handy too and to be honest I’m used to them also. BUT stay safe while you travel and carry a small amount of toilet roll. You don’t want your blue jeans turning brown!!

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