Working Wednesdays: Broccoli Harvest at Lakehouse Farm Near Cressy, Tasmania

Working Wednesdays: Broccoli Harvest at Lakehouse Farm Near Cressy, Tasmania

A rough map as to where Lakehouse Farm is…it is actually quite a historic place to have worked in Tasmanian history, although when you’re spending your days slogging away cutting broccoli, the glamour of such as location eludes you.

Lakehouse farm was a wee bit of a drive – it was in the middle of nowhere. We were sleeping in Poatina at the time and had to drive some 40 kilometres or so to get there. We always started work at 7 am on the broccoli field so this meant leaving the hostel/campsite at around 6.20 am.

Down the main road leading out of Poatina and do a right towards Campbelltown rather than a left towards Cressy.

Looking east from Lakehouse farm.

Looking west from Lakehouse farm.

Relaxing on a break at Lakehouse farm.

Lunch snack at Lakehouse farm.

The truck load of blue broccoli boxes which would be filled every day.

The boss Joe Cook walking on by.

The field next door included the ridiculous “South Korean Cowboy” – there they were harvesting for challots/onions.

Irrigator at Lakehouse farm.

Our Broccoli Harvester team at Lakehouse farm.

The car park at Lakehouse farm.

Typical Day – Arrive at Farm at 6.50 am, get into work clothes. Tea break 10 am (15 minutes). Lunch break 1 pm (30 minutes). Afternoon break 3.45 pn (15 minutes). Finish work at 7 pm.

When I worked there – April 2010

Nationalities worked with – Australia, South Korean, French, Spanish, Taiwanese, Hong Kongese, Canadian. As in most jobs in life I was the only Northern Irishman.

FACT – There is no Lake and there is no House at Lakehouse Farm. Hence I have no idea why it is called that.



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