Working Wednesdays: Cauliflower Harvesting at Langmaid Farm, Forth, Tasmania, Australia

Raindrops on my window and dawn breaking meant it was almost morning in Forth, northern Tasmania. I had slept in my car opposite the town’s main pub, ready for a day’s work just south of the town Forth, actually more of a rural village. I would be working with the locals and with the farmer on his own farm. This wasn’t the “backpacker lifestyle”. I had my own car, I worked with the locals and I was helping with the cauliflower harvest. Basically I was a man on the end of a phone line. Any farmers or jobs going, give me a call and I’m there!
Forth Village Store and petrol station near where I stayed the night, sleeping in my car. What I love about Tasmania is it is remote. And not commercial. It’s like stepping back in time. This petrol station serves its purpose, yet is years behind a UK or US petrol station in terms of how it looks and what it sells. Who cares!
From topping up my car with petrol in Forth I was off south on the road towards Kindrid to work on Langmaid Farm. I had no idea how to get there so my manager Hayley rocked up in the Work Direct minibus, which included Cameron Mott – a local guy I had worked with a few months before but hadn’t seen for a while. After a quick chat, I followed them through narrow, winding country roads until we arrived at Langmaid Farm.
Langmaid Farm was deceiving in that it looked small on arrival but went back for acres. I was there with one other guy from Work Direct – it was Stuart and a local lad called Leigh. The other cauliflower cutters/tractor drivers for the day were Shane, Julie and Josh (the Langmaid family who owned the farm!). So I had to be fast and good and I think I did a good job!
The sheds and the wooden boxes for the fresh cauliflower at Langmaid Farm.
The entrance at Langmaid Farm.
Their dog!
My car parked there by their house at Langmaid Farm, as well as Josh the son on the right, plus Julie and Shane. A great family to work with, and it was only one shift there. But, I enjoyed it.
Where – Langmaid Farm, south of Forth, north of Kindrid, Tasmania, Australia
When I Worked There – 1st June 2010
What I Did – Cut Cauliflower
Who I Worked With – Leigh, Josh, Shane, Julie and Stuart (all Australian) – Cameron had been on the minibus but was heading to another farm with the rest of the guys on the minibus
Rate of Pay – $19 AU Dollars Per Hour
Key Song –
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