Working Wednesdays: Report Compiling and Research for Zopa

I’ll return to my time working in London today on Working Wednesdays for a brief look at the time I did some research and report compiling for Zopa. I worked for Bite Communications in Ravenscourt in London and I was a Public Relations Assistant. The work was varied and the work was busy. I worked on a number of brands on there, most notably Apple, Sonos, Tiger Beer, Iomega, Yahoo, CPP and…Zopa.

Working Wednesdays: Report Compiling and Research for Zopa

It was my boss Susannah Hardy that got me doing some work on the Zopa account. Zopa is a lending agency (peer to peer, with them as “the middle man”) and they are very high profile and popular in the UK. The ins and outs of the job was basically I’d go into the filing system and go through all the information then get it put into a report format to print for the client. I’d run the entire thing past Susannah first. Before starting any job like this you’ll need to know a bit about the brands and briefing sessions were held. We had a lot of meetings in the PR world when I was at Bite.

As I feature a different job story each week on here, I’d just felt the need to share this one with you today. Of course it won’t blow your mind, and it doesn’t always have to. Sometimes the Working Wednesdays feature is also something I can use and reflect on from my work history. I’ve literally got about 100 more Working Wednesday posts in the pipeline if and when time allows me to write them so I’m ticking this one off. A bit of report compiling and research for Zopa back in 2006 and that was that, a year before this travel blog even started!!

Today I’m packing my bag for my next big trip but will aim to get as much posted as I can while I’m on the move. Don’t get bored – head to my Getting Started page.

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