Working Wednesdays: Sponsored Posts on my Travel Blog

jonny blair sponsored posts on my travel blog

Working Wednesdays – Sponsored Posts on my Travel Blog!

Today on working Wednesdays I’m talking about “sponsored posts”. If you have followed my blog you will have read that on Sunday I put up a Sponsored Post on Aruba. BUT I WROTE IT. Don’t Stop Living is still MY blog and it will always be my blog. I DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS and I DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE WRITE FOR ME. Just to clear that up before we start. Don’t Stop Living is a ONE MAN travel blog. It’s also the longest running One Man Travel Blog that has been to all seven continents. And that, my readers is the way it will stay.

jonny blair travel blog sponsored posts

One of my many jobs at present – teaching English in Hong Kong…working Wednesdays have taken a new twist now with sponsored posts!

But I started this travel blog in 2007, and as I near the 6 year mark, it’s nice to finally earn some money. You cannot blame me for that. I’ve worked in endless jobs around the world doing stuff like milking cows, cleaning toilets, taking deliveries, harvesting broccoli and so on. But I always only see myself as a travel writer. Over 1,100 posts into my travel blog now and contributing to lots of other sites, the time is right for me to make money from this project. I’ve worked pretty hard to get my blog to where it is today, and I’ve spent a lot of time and money on Don’t Stop Living. If you’ve ever stopped to read it, even if you don’t like my stuff, you’ll know I put time and effort into it. The sponsored post says it’s sponsored at the start of it, as that’s one of the rules, but don’t worry I REALLY am enchanted by Aruba and want to visit. Ask my girlfriend. I rave about it as part of a Caribbean tour…

jonny blair dont stop living backpacking antarctica

Living my dreams…Jonny Blair at Half Moon Island Antarctica almost 3 years ago…

While Don’t Stop Living continues to be a one man blog, I have been inspired and spurred on by some of the following people, so thanks for your help guys! I hope this sponsored post is the first of many and I can continue to improve my Alexa Ranking, Page Ranking and place in the Top 100 Travel Blogs. With thanks to: Allan Wilson of LLO, Dave and Vicky from A Couple TravelersNomadic Matt and of course my followers, my girlfriend, my friends and family for supporting and following my blog for the last 6 years. I’d also have to recommend Nomadic Matt’s EXCELLENT e-Book “How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog” (if you run a travel blog and don’t have this book, BUY IT – simply click on that link and you can buy it straight away!).

Onwards and upwards.

Don’t Stop Living!

Jonny Blair

jonny blair's travel blog

Working Wednesdays: Writing Sponsored Posts on my Travel Blog

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