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Last Train To Nowhere: Touring The Dis-Used Train Station in Asuncion, Paraguay

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If I had to list my favourite method of travel, it would probably be train travel (just edging being onboard a boat). Not only have I watched many documentaries on train travel, but I have a fascination with railway stations …

Jose Luis Chilavert, John Hart and Standing on The Pitch at Estadio Defensores Del Chaco *

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Mixing football with travel can be easy, and also provide you with a good excuse to travel. All I would have needed to do then would be to take a leaf out of Shaun Schofield’s book and travel round the …

Thirsty Thursdays: A Night Out In Asuncion, Paraguay

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Asuncion was my hidden gem in South America. Unknown, under mined and neglected. In fact I must admit that before I even went there I had met LESS THAN 10 people who had ever been there. This city, my friends …

Unknown Asuncion

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When your wandering heart takes you to a wet, drizzly, quiet bus station on a Sunday night 8 kilometres from the less ventured capital city of Paraguay, you know you’ve struck gold. You know you are a traveller and you …

Staying at The Black Cat – El Gato Negro, Asuncion, Paraguay

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The Black Cat!!! This was a gem of a hostel for the ardent traveller. I had heard of it a few times even before my weary head popped up in the unknown Paraguayan capital city of Asuncion. The above yellow …

Bus in Asuncion Paraguay

Backpacking in Paraguay: Mayhem of…Ciudad Del Este

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I will and do mention Lonely Planet a lot, and I have to say I find it a really helpful, useful and worthwhile guide to have on my travels. Most of the information is excellent, but some things are often …

World Borders: Where Paraguay Meets Brazil and Argentina, Tres Fronteras – Three Frontiers/Borders

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Tres Fronteras (similar to the English phrase Three Frontiers) is exactly that – a treble border and the place where three countries meet. In this instance, Tres Fronteras is a part of land where you can see Brazil, Paraguay and …

Rural Paraguay By Bus

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This was one of the surprises of my recent travels. Not expecting much from Paraguay and actually using it as a mere stepping stone to get from Uruguay to Argentina to Brazil and then onwards to Bolivia. Somehow sandwiched Paraguay …

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