10 Secret Places to Visit in London, England

10 Secret Places to Visit in London, England

When you are visiting London in England, it’s easy to fall into the obvious tourist trap of ticking off the usual top sights. You will know the ones I mean — Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Wembley Stadium, the London Eye, etc. London, however, is a massive city and the lists of things to see and do are endless. I spent a year working in London and still only scratch the surface with it on my visits back. Here are eight secret places to visit in London.


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1.The Viaduct Tavern

The Viaduct Tavern is a pub housed inside an old prison. It’s often featured on the Monopoly Pub Crawl and is a perfect place to sip English bitter pints.

2.Marble Arch

Not everyone is aware that there is actually a large arch at Marble Arch, hence the name. It has become a bit of a photographers favourite and the gardens and parks around it now feature lots of artistic statues.

3.Nude Yoga with Veronika

I got my kit off for a secret nude yoga session with Veronika in south London. I’ve covered my willy for you on the posts, but if you go there, you must be fully nude. Read about my time with Veronika.

4.Greenwich Observatory

Every time you look at a clock or a watch, did you ever stop and think why we have time? Why is it there? To find the answers, head to Greenwich Observatory to see the place where time began.

5.Camden Lock

Most people think of Camden as the “hippy Camden Town” full of markets and stylish music street but behind all that, you find canals. Down by Camden Lock is London’s very own Little Venice, which featured in the best secrets for people moving to London. There are canals that you can tour by boat and they are hidden off the main streets. In summer months, they are a hive of secret activity. I toured here with the famous Millwall Neil.

Camden Lock

Camden Lock

6.Abbey Road

You could be forgiven for saying this isn’t that “secret,” as the Beatles Abbey Road album has sold over 15 million copies on vinyl, cassette, CD, re-master, and digital download. However, the album’s recording site is slightly off the beaten track. Get out at St. John’s Wood train station and make the walk down to Abbey Road and the famous pelican crossing.

Backpacking in England: Visiting the Famous Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood, London

7.Secret Cinema

Book your tickets for this Secret Cinema and you don’t know the film until you arrive! This would make an interesting first date and the Guardian have recommended it.

8.The New Den

Football is the biggest sport in London and a common myth is about tickets to matches selling out or being of extortionate prices. Well, you should head to the fabulous New Den in South Bermondsey in that case! This is the home of Millwall Football Club who have a massive 20,000 plus all seater stadium. The fans are lively and the team normally ply their trade in the second and third tiers of the English league. Tickets can cost as little as £10.

Top 5 sights in London – the New Den for Millwall FC.

9.The Candelight Club

Similar to the “Secret Cinema”, except the Candelight Club is a secret nightclub. In fact it is so secret that the site changes each week and is kept a secret until the day of the event.

10.London’s Micronations

Within London, there are three other “countries” to be explored, and potentially others! I toured all three from the former Republic of Frestonia to wacaday Austenasia to the more interesting Kingdom of Lovely!

Backpacking in Lovely: Top 12 Sights on a Day Tour of This Lunatic Country

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