A First-Timer’s Guide to the United Kingdom

Escape to the UK as it is a perfect way to recover from the strain and stress of the regular working week. It is known for its rich diversity, spring and landscape.

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A first timers guide to the United Kingdom.

The words, ‘I’m bored’ will not come in your mind as there are many places to explore and things to do in England based on your interests – You can either take fun-fuelled breaks with your family, indulge in romantic getaway with your partner, go for adventure holidays for groups of friends or enjoy rural escapes if you’re a nature lover. There are the typical gems like Christchurch, Sunderland and Windsor, which were great for a long term traveller, but if you’re just starting off in the UK and want to know where to hit up, these five attractions will give you that first time experience.

Tower of London and the Union Flag of the UK.

Tower of London and the Union Flag of the UK.

If you have decided to visit, make sure that these five attractions are a part of your UK tour package:

1. Lake District: If you want to witness Britain’s finest scenery, grandest views and greenest countryside, this is the place to be. The Lake District is a picturesque patchwork of lakes, woodlands and valleys that are truly a treat for your senses. It is one of the premier destinations of England for climbing and hiking. You can even enjoy the boat cruise ride, visit Dove Cottage where the well-known poet William Wordsworth lived or visit the museum dedicated to Beatrix Potter when in Lake District.

Lake District, England, UK

Lake District, England, UK

2. Warwick Castle: Built by William the Conqueror in 1068, this erstwhile wooden structure was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century. It is one of the most famous castles in the UK and has a chequered history which starts from its construction. This castle will take you back to Medieval England. It features a Great Hall, Chapel, State rooms, dungeons and aghost tower.

3. Tower of London: Once a prison, this tower is now home to the British Crown Jewels, Line of Kings, Royal Armour and a zoo. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. Situated in Central London, it is located at a stone throw away distance from the River of Thames. I’ve written about my top 10 sights in the tower and also the solemn poppies display from 2014.

Loving my trip to the Tower of London.

Loving my trip to the Tower of London.

4. Windermere Boat Cruise: Within the extraordinary beauty of the Lake District National Park, Lake Windermere is surrounded by misty, peaceful and wild mountains. Take the cruise and witness the exceptional scenery and tranquillity all year long.

5. Madame Tussauds: This place was opened over 200 years ago and has an amazing collection of celebrity wax figures. When you visit this place, you are bound to find one of your favourite personalities. These wax statues are made with such precision that it feels almost real. Visit this place and click pictures that give you memories of a lifetime.

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The streets of Windsor in Berkshire.

Apart from these five attractions, some other attractions you must try and include in your UK Holiday Package are the ruins at Stonehenge, the city of Bath, Windsor Castle (which is in Windsor and Eton), historic Yorkshire, sunny Bournemouth, Cambridge University and the Eden Project.

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