Almost A Real Zebra Crossing: The Wittiness of La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz in Bolivia has some character and originality, I’ll give it that. This particular act of comedy, is pure genius, and to be honest I am surprised locals and travellers alike walk past with flinching an eye lid. It certainly had me in stitches.


OK, so here’s the deal – in the UK a Zebra Crossing is so called simply because it is a part of the road marked with white and black stripes, therefore resembling the colours of the animal zebra.


I had often thought how it would have been better to have real zebras crossing the road instead. That would be just insane, unmanageable and would result in far too many zebras in towns, cities and villages all around the world.


So in steps La Paz with it’s quirky comedy and PEOPLE wearing Zebra suits act as your Zebra Crossing in the city centre.


It is very funny very amusing and actually insane if truth be told. Seeing these people dressed as Zebras when the heat is beating down at 27 degrees is laughable in itself. Don’t they ever get hot?


Fair play to them. If you’re in La Paz, walk in and around the main streets down the hills of the city and you’ll see people dressed as Zebras helping you cross the road. And believe me, La Paz is a fucking busy city. These Zebras are a Godsend.

Animals spotted – Fake zebras

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