sleeping in a farmers barn in tasmania

The Night I…Slept In A Farmer’s Barn in Tasmania

Being a global nomad and not having a home means you’re constantly changing your style of accommodation. You’re also willing to take whatever accommodation comes about. How about a free night sleeping in a farmer’s barn in Tasmania then? Yes please, I’ll take it! We’re going back to April 2010 for this story…the night I Read more about The Night I…Slept In A Farmer’s Barn in Tasmania[…]

Working On The World’s First Broccoli Harvester…

It was a pleasure to have worked on the world’s first broccoli harvester – we were the first ever team to use it. There are two broccoli harvesters in existence, the brainchild of Joe Cook, our employer. The broccoli harvester was made by Tasmanian company Dobmac. They operate in Tasmania and New Zealand. Dobmac Website Read more about Working On The World’s First Broccoli Harvester…[…]

Broccoli Harvest: Walabadah

To be honest I only remember hearing the name “Walabadah” and thought it was some kind of joke. I don’t reckon I’ve even spelt it right there you know. But the fact is there is a farm close to Cressy called Walabadah and I worked there cutting broccoli. It happened to be the last field Read more about Broccoli Harvest: Walabadah[…]

Broccoli Harvest: Formosa Farm

Next up was Formosa Farm in Cressy. Located just off the main road from Cressy to Poatina, this farm meant a drive along a very narrow mud path and then down a steep hill, which in wet conditions was pretty dangerous! Ironic name too, I thought. The irony only to be lost on those not Read more about Broccoli Harvest: Formosa Farm[…]

Broccoli Fields Forever

Ask me 12 years ago if I thought I’d be working as a broccoli harvester when I’m 30, and I would simply have laughed at you! But there I was, aged 30, working on farms in Northern Tasmania as a broccoli harvester. Loving it. I got into it totally by chance, but through my insistence Read more about Broccoli Fields Forever[…]