sleeping in a farmers barn in tasmania

The Night I…Slept In A Farmer’s Barn in Tasmania

Being a global nomad and not having a home means you’re constantly changing your style of accommodation. You’re also willing to take whatever accommodation comes about. How about a free night sleeping in a farmer’s barn in Tasmania then? Yes please, I’ll take it! We’re going back to April 2010 for this story…the night I Read more about The Night I…Slept In A Farmer’s Barn in Tasmania[…]

Broccoli Fields Forever

Ask me 12 years ago if I thought I’d be working as a broccoli harvester when I’m 30, and I would simply have laughed at you! But there I was, aged 30, working on farms in Northern Tasmania as a broccoli harvester. Loving it. I got into it totally by chance, but through my insistence Read more about Broccoli Fields Forever[…]