Life In Isolation – Poatina!

CAST YOURSELF BACK TO APRIL 2010….It’s my new home – it feels sublime and surreal. it’s peaceful and tranquil. It’s amazing. Actually it’s quite beautiful, but isolated and lonely. This mountain village of Poatina is indeed somewhere in the Tasmanian Wilderness. You have to see it to believe it, or perhaps, like me, you have Read more about Life In Isolation – Poatina![…]

Broccoli Fields Forever

Ask me 12 years ago if I thought I’d be working as a broccoli harvester when I’m 30, and I would simply have laughed at you! But there I was, aged 30, working on farms in Northern Tasmania as a broccoli harvester. Loving it. I got into it totally by chance, but through my insistence Read more about Broccoli Fields Forever[…]