Morning Montevideo *

Arrival into Montevideo was as sweet and delightful as I had imagined as a child. This was one of my dream cities to visit as a kid. Partly my fascination for football but also my understanding and fascination for the smaller countries. Uruguay always loses out on publicity stakes to its larger brothers of Brazil Read more about Morning Montevideo *[…]

Horse and Cart Culture in Montevideo *

Right this was a majorly funny, disturbing and sad aspect to life in Montevideo, as I saw it. It’s the “horse and cart” culture. In the United Kingdom, if you own a horse you are seemingly rich, as you clearly have land for it to live on and can afford it’s upkeep. Here in Montevideo, Read more about Horse and Cart Culture in Montevideo *[…]

Jonny Blair living a lifestyle of travel in Montevideo, URUGUAY

Living and Studying in Uruguay

I’ve now been a student in four different countries, as I’m now studying Spanish here in Uruguay. None of this was planned. It just kind of happened. It’s a very tough language to grasp and I’m not particularly strong with languages, I remember the words but my pronunciation is so shit I might as well Read more about Living and Studying in Uruguay[…]

“There we were, now here we are” – Changing Times/Oasis Lyrics

Yet another tale of how life changes and fate changes due to reasons simply beyond your control, with this one a definite influence on the things I did, the people I met and perhaps this flight change was meant to happen for me, as without it I may not have decided to stay to study Read more about “There we were, now here we are” – Changing Times/Oasis Lyrics[…]