Getting a Turkish Visa on Arrival at Istanbul Airport, Turkey

flying into Istanbul

Arrival into Istanbul by flight.

I was in Turkey in November 2013 and I now believe the rules on a Visa on Arrival have changed for certain nationalities, so please try not to follow this guide which may not be current and do leave comments if you have any new updates for myself and other travellers to Turkey. Instead, I strongly recommend you to get the visa organised in advance on my easy link!:

Need your Turkey visa, you can get it online here!

Regards, Jonny (update August 2017)

The entire process from arriving in the airport to getting my visa and being officially in the country was about twenty minutes. Pretty smooth and easy!

There’s a long list of nationalities that need a visa to visit Turkey. I first arrived into Turkey at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. Visas can be purchased and received easily on arrival for most nationalities. Here’s an overview of what is a very straight forward process, most of us won’t have any trouble whatsoever securing a Turkey Visa on arrival in “the Bul”.

jonny blair istanbul turkey

Arrival in Istanbul, Turkey.

What Nationalities Need a Visa to visit Turkey?

Most EU countries need them, here’s the full list which is correct as of November 2013:

Antigua and Barbuda
Dominican Republic
Southern Cyprus (Bit of an “LOL” moment there)
Republic of Ireland
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America

turkish visa required countries

Countries that require visas to visit Turkey

How Much Does a Turkish Visa Cost at Istanbul International Airport?

It costs 15 Euros or 20 US Dollars. This is payable in cash only. If you don’t have this cash on you – there are a few money changers and ATMs but take the hint and come prepared – bring the cash with you ready to go. Visa and Mastercard ain’t an option.

istanbul turkey visa requirements

15 Euros and a passport is all you’ll need for a visa at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey.

What do you need to get a Turkish Visa at Istanbul International Airport?

You will need your passport, yourself and the payment. There are no forms to fill in and no visa application process. This is one of the easiest passport visas you will ever get!

turkish visa istanbul airport

At Ataturk Airport in Istanbul with my Turkish Visa.

What is the Process for getting a Turkish Visa on Arrival at Istanbul Airport?

1. Get off your flight.
2. Head to the Visa payment counter to pay for the visa and get a sticker on your passport.
3. Head to immigration where they check you have the sticker and have paid for your visa. They stamp you in.
4. Get your bag and enjoy Turkey!

istanbul airport

One of the TVs near the Visa Department at Istanbul Airport.

istanbul airport visa information turkey

More Visa information TVs at Istanbul Airport in Turkey.

How Long is a Turkish Visa valid for?

On arrival at the airport, you will be granted a 90 day entry visa to be used within 180 days. This means you could leave Turkey after one day and still have 89 days to use out of the next 179 days. In essence it’s a limited conditions multiple entry visa.

turkey visa and stamp

A Turkish Visa complete with entry stamp.

Any Other Complications?

Yes, there is an extra counter you will need to head to if you come from one of these countries:

turkish visa extra conditions

Extra conditions for these countries.

Iraq, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Angola, Gambia, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Somaliland, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo.

I spent a long time in Turkey and I loved it. Safe travels!

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