Glory Days Loyal: August 2007 All Blog Posts

“Start in the way that you wish to go on” – Neil Finn.

This is the first in a series of posts that basically will do what I had plugins doing years ago – it is a chronological list of all my blog posts ever. And I start at the start and I end at the end. That’s right – an easy way for me, you and everyone to locate my blog posts and serve as some kind of memory of my journeys. This will also mean that

  • old blog posts are easier to find.
  • old blog posts with missing photos will be changed.
  • old blog posts will be updated.
Glory Days Loyal: August 2007 All Blog Posts

Glory Days Loyal: August 2007 All Blog Posts

“Birds go flying at the speed of sound to show you how it all began” – Coldplay.

Since this is the first post in this series, the background to this blog “Don’t Stop Living” before it began is this…

1980 – 1991 – Every trip I had with family or friends, I wrote about it in diaries.
April / May 1991 – I wrote my first travel diary on my first trip abroad without Mum and Dad – to the Netherlands. (this is now available as an eBook).
1991 – 2001 – Every trip I had with family, friends or alone, I wrote about it in diaries.
September 2001 – I saw the words “Don’t Stop Living” on a wall while backpacking in Toronto, Canada.
2001 – 2007 – Every trip I had with family, friends or alone, I wrote about it in diaries.
July 2007 – While backpacking in Toronto, Canada (again), I met Lee Price and Mike Burkimsher. Both of them were travel bloggers. The reality hit me. I had never heard of a travel blog yet for 16 years I had been documenting all my travels in books on pen and paper.

Lee Price and I watching Baseball in Toronto in 2007 - the first travel blogger I met!

Lee Price and I watching Baseball in Toronto in 2007 – the first travel blogger I met!

July – August 2007 – While backpacking in Canada, USA and New Zealand, I started writing my travel diaries on computer for the first time. Before that, they were always only in books/diaries and hand written. Believe it or not, the first place I ever typed up one of those travel blogs was in the Apple shop in the Eatons Centre in Toronto (pictured below).

In Toronto, Canada in 2007 with my written notebook as "Don't Stop Living" began

In Toronto, Canada in 2007 with my written notebook as “Don’t Stop Living” began

August 2007 – Every day from 7th July – 27th August I wrote ONE travel blog post but had no clue how to upload them so everyday I simply emailed them to myself. I also felt safe by doing this, as I knew I’d not lose them. I opened my first ever travel blog from an internet cafe in Taupo, New Zealand. I used Blogspot at the time. I later tried Wix and WordPress and finally self hosted in 2012. None of the old blogs or sites I used exist anymore, since all the 2007+ posts are simply on here now anyway (they were all transferred by an expert in October 2012, the month I went professional as a travel blogger).
August 27th 2007 – I finally worked out how to upload everything. Since 27th August 2007, Don’t Stop Living has been my travel blog. (As of today, that is 15 different calendar years, 3 decades and over 3,000 blog posts).

Where it all began for Don’t Stop Living…Apple Store Toronto, Canada, July 2007.

So this first post in the “Glory Days Loyal” series will be August 2007. After that, chronologically I will do every month of my journey and with probably yearly updates. I might add in some extra photos and new stories, but generally it’s just a list. Also, please be aware that over the years my opinions have changed, hotels have closed, posts might have been edited, others might be out of date or worthless. I also deleted some posts. Finally, even though I am always proud of my travels and my writing, when I look back now at some of my early and old posts, I really hate the way I was writing sometimes and I really cringe at myself! That said, the article I wrote on the 31st August 2007 was called “Dust from a Distant Sun” and that was the exact title I used for my New Zealand chapter of my Backpacking Centurion Book Series (for reference, that was Chapter 24 in Volume 1 – Don’t Look Back In Bangor). But life is a journey, a progression, a learning curve.

“Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it” – Ronan Keating.

27th August 2007 – Welcome to Don’t Stop Living
28th August 2007 – Stepping Stones to Canada: Toronto
29th August 2007 – New York: Empire State Halo
30th August 2007 – What The Hell Am I Doing Drinking in LA at 27?
31st August 2007 – Auckland: Dust From A Distant Sun

dont stop living grafiti toronto

Idea for a Travel blog title. I saw “Don’t Stop Living” graffitied onto a wall in Toronto and stole it. Don’t Stop Living. DSL.


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