Glory Days Loyal: November 2007 All Blog Posts

It was in November 2007, my fourth month as a travel blogger that something odd happened. I stopped blogging. That month only has TWO blog posts, yes crazy. The reason for this is very simple. I had just returned to Bournemouth after a long time travelling and I spent 2-3 weeks in a temporary flat in Southbourne before moving to Ensbury Park. I did do some writing at that time of course but the first flat had no internet at all. On evenings, I worked in the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre on the bars, at weekends I had the football and the SOENISC events and in the day time, I was trying desperately to try and finish my degree once and for all – I was now 27 and still without a degree. I had been too busy working, backpacking and watching football. So the blog took a dip for a bit.

Sweden away in 2007 - a superb 1-1 draw

Glory Days Loyal: November 2007 All Blog Posts

The entire blog posts for November 2007, yes only two of them.

2nd November 2007 – A Log On The Island, Travelling In Stockholm, Sweden
12th November 2007 – The Bangor Boat’s Away

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