Israel Family Tours are More than Sightseeing

Sunrise in Masada, Israel

Sunrise in Masada, Israel

Family vacations are exciting activities that let you explore new places with your spouse and your children. When you’re on Israel family tours, you create new memories together as you discover interesting cities like Akko, Jaffa and Haifa, or out touring places like Masada and the Qeshet Caves. So you should know that family holidays aren’t just all about sightseeing and having a good time in a resort. There are more important reasons traveling together should be a regular part of your family activities, even if it’s just at least once a year.

backpacking in Jaffa

Old gates and walls of the city in Jaffa, Israel.

Israel Family Tours Offer a Chance to Spend Quality Bonding Time with Your Loved Ones

Spending quality time with your children every day strengthens the bond that makes families stick together through thick and thin. But the sad fact is that you and your spouse can only spend a few hours a day with them considering that you both have to work most of the time. That is why you need to spend these elusive moments with quality bonding to make the most of the precious time. This is also one of the reasons you really need to take a break from work to bring the family out on a journey in Israel or any country of your choice. While you can choose to go on a weekend, a week long travel definitely offers more quality time with your kids.

Backpacking in Hebron - the Israeli side.

Backpacking in Hebron – the Israeli side.

What makes Israel family tours a viable option is that many of the interesting landmarks are found outside the cities. Whether you want to float on the Dead Sea or discover unique sights near the borders, the travel time between these places and the city where you’ll be staying can be spent conversing with your children, sharing stories and playing games. Of course, you should book your guided tours with a trusted travel agent to ensure that logistics and schedules are taken care of.

Family Tours Offer Vital Life Lessons for Children While Growing Up

Many people don’t immediately realize that family tours and other forms of traveling can greatly benefit a person’s personal growth. The experiences gained and lessons learned while traveling is even more beneficial to children. For one, traveling opens up your children’s consciousness to the realities of life. It also broadens their view of the world. The more they are exposed to the diversity in society by touring several countries, the more they look at people without bias, prejudices and stereotypes. All these will help your children to grow into great citizens of the world.

Inside the Tiger Cave, Israel.

Inside the Tiger Cave, Israel.

With you by their side while in Israel family tours, you can provide parental guidance to help them further gain an understanding of what they see or hear. In short, you are there at the crucial time when they need someone to help them process the new sights and sounds they encounter while traveling and to make sense of how this experience can relate to their own lives. Israel is the perfect country to visit for family affairs because it offers a diverse culture considering that it plays a vital role in the history of at least three major religions of the world.

israel arrival

In 2013 I finally made it to Israel.

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