Nature Houses: Excellent Relaxing Homes To Rent In Mainland Europe

Down the years of travelling, I loved mixing up the places I slept in. I once wrote an article about the weirdest places I stayed in. This included a mock Titanic Hotel in a country that doesn’t exist – the Eclectic Hotel in Vank, Nagorno Karabakh. I also slept on a ship anchored off Antarctica, a tent in Poatina, a luxury safari tent in the Serengeti, the Hemingway Inn in San Jose Costa Rica and a hotel made of Salt in Bolivia.

Nature Houses: Excellent Relaxing Homes To Rent In Mainland Europe

Aside from that, I visited George Best’s childhood home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Down the years through 180+ countries, I slept in…
– planes
– cottages
football stadiums
– boats
– trains
– customs offices
– prisons
– hospitals
– buses
– cars
guest houses
– friend’s houses
– and many more

One night of pure inspiration – my stay in the Hemingway Inn, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Today, I delve into magical retreats in nature – we are talking about away from the city, near lakes, trees and beauty, many of which can be booked through Nature House. It is a very easy site to navigate given that you can narrow down your option by choosing first the country, then your specific requirements such as pets, internet, location (by the sea etc.), dishwasher, farm, isolation, rating etc.! You can have a lot of fun choosing.
What is also brilliant about Nature House is that the company has a nature based and green set of ethics. The company has made efforts to be ecological and environmentally friendly through the years. Sustainability is an important aspect of their concept. Without further ado, I picked my top 5 retreats from their incredible selection across Europe, and COVID permitting I hope to stay at one of these very soon!
One of the Most Unusual Places I Have Slept In: The Eclectic Hotel in Vank, Nagorno Karabakh

One of the Most Unusual Places I Have Slept In: The Eclectic Hotel in Vank, Nagorno Karabakh

1.Half-Timber House at Hipstedt, Germany

Germany is such a huge country with an abundance of countryside getaways miles away from all the major hubs and cities. I actually wrote about my favourite trips to Germany recently, and only really Romkerhall and Baz Harburg were rural. So delve into some little magic here at Hipstedt.

Nature House in Hipstedt, Germany

This comfortably furnished half-timbered house has a thatched roof and is located in Hipstedt by Hinzel, a vast forest with atmospheric heaths nearby. The nature house here in Hipstedt is part of a historic farm, which has been completely renovated and modernized.

2.Holiday Homes in Czaplinek, Poland

Having lived in Poland more or less from July 2016, this country will shock you for its pure nature – check out the natural sand beaches at Slowinski National Park, the mountains and lakes near Zakopane and the forests and lakes of Mazury. Bird watchers and lake lovers will be charmed by little Czaplinek.

Holiday Homes in Czaplinek, Poland

This is known as Sikory Hill. Sikory is a small town located between two lakes. For bird lovers and spotters: Sikory is plural for Sikora uboga (Parus palustris) and means: Shiny-headed tit. It’s a tranquil escape from the big city life.

3.Nature House in Odoornerveen, The Netherlands

The Netherlands has vivid memories for me as it was my first ever trip abroad without my parents as I embarked on a school trip in 1991. While that trip was mostly city based, we did visit Rose Bulb fields and enjoyed drives through rural Holland. I remember it because the country was so flat – there were not many hills and I found it unusual.

Nature House in Odoornerveen The Netherlands

This place at Odoornerveen is a detached cabin by a lake and with many trees nearby. You can go canoeing and escape the joys in rural Netherlands. There is also camping available and the site has a high natural value with animals such as royal ferns, sundew and the rare garlic toad.

4.Nature house in Gorjoes, Portugal

On Portugal’s stunning Algarve region, you can live in detachment, isolation and tranquility at this lovely little nature house in Gorjoes.

Book Nature Houses in Portugal

Nature house in Gorjoes, Portugal

This place is located in an ecological reserve in a peaceful Portuguese neighborhood. Including all modern comforts, the house is an ideal retreat in nature but still keeps you up to date with a smart TV and the internet. There are some quiet Portuguese villages nearby and golf courses for those who like a day on the greens.

5.Nature House in Fintele, lo-reninge, Belgium

Belgium is well worth a trip and there are a good selection of Nature Houses all over the country. However, thanks to an epic outdoor jacuzzu and the mix of brick and wooden exteriors, I have plumped for the fantastic Nature House in Fintele when I end uo back in Belgium one day.

Book Nature Houses in Belgium.

Nature House in Fintele, lo-reninge, Belgium

This place has a separate Barbecue house with a unique mobile bar and a well-stocked bottle cooler. This coupled with the nature walks nearby and the jacuzzi (pictured) would make for an excellent retreat.

6.Nature house in Struznica, Poland

Since I live in Poland, of course I added in an extra Polish based Nature House! The last on my top 6 for now is also in Poland. I noticed this gorgeous little house in Struznica, which is an ideal location for both border geeks and hikers.

Book the Nature house in Struznica, Poland

Nature house in Struznica, Poland

This nature house is in the southwest part of Poland and it sits in the barely known village of Struznica. Impressively, it is situated at the foot of Karkonoski Park Narodowy National Park, which houses the Giant Mountains which straddle the Poland – Czechia border.

So get onto the Nature House site and get booking your tranquil, natural stay. There are so many places to choose with a range of different facilites, views and options to suit all sorts of different needs.

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