June 4, 2013

Media Appearances – Jonny Blair Don’t Stop Living

On this page I aim to put all the media appearances related to the Don’t Stop Living travel blog down the years. I have appeared on numerous media outlets including the BBC, Wanderlust and the Belfast Telegraph. I haven’t included my personal media appearances on here to make things a bit more concise and relevant to Don’t Stop Living. My personal media appearances are on my own business site. But still, not all of them.

Jonny Blair being interviewed in Montevideo Uruguay

Jonny from Don’t Stop Living in the media: interviewed in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2010

Although most of this is recent and in the form of online posts and interviews, I used to work in PR and had an abundance of media appearances in the past with other projects.

Sunday's Inspiration: Backpacker Versus Stationary Resident, First 10 Differences

My feature in the Gazeta Kociewska, Starogard Gdanski, POLAND in 2016

The ones related to travel and those incorporating my nomadic nature I have listed on here:

Online Media Appearances – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
I’m putting my online appearances first on here as they are more recent, more frequent and where it’s at these days. I’m always available for interview for other sites and I regularly contribute articles for other websites, here’s the best of them…if you want to interview me for your site or want to feature me, then just get in touch through my contacts or advertising pages.


4th – I am interviewed for Ric Gazarian’s Counting Countries Series on Globaz Gaz.
9th – I am included in a list of top adventure blogs for 2018 on Adventure Junkies.

6th – My best ever travel film / movie / fillim choice is included in Complete City Guides.
14th – My profile as an online teacher of English and student of Polish on iTalki.
18th – My tips on travel safety appear on Off at Everything.
19th – My tour of the mines in Potosi is included on an article about Bolivia on Travel Lemming.


17th – I am interviewed on Culture with Travel.
21st – I am featured in the Irish Times on an article on travelling to war zones.
21st – I am interviewed in the Irish Times on an article about my own travel journey.
21st – My stories on the Irish Times.
29th – I am featured on the Biskupiec Website after my visit to this town.

22nd – I am featured on Arab Today discussing Afghanistan.
25th – My Northern Irish blog is featured on Top Europe Travel Blogs.

20th – I am featured as one of Europe’s Top 30 Travel Blogs of 2017 on Asher Ferguson’s Site.
29th – I am interviewed about Paris for Discover Walks blog.
29th – My new blog, this one (!) Norn Iron man in Poland is included in Best European blogs along with Backpacking in Northern Ireland.
29th – My Gibraltar border backpacking tour gets featured on a cool Brexit blog, the day the shebang goes live.

12th – I am included in an article about Working on the Move on the Working Traveller.
13th – My original travel blog Don’t Stop Living is included on a list of best 110 blogs for men on JJ Suspenders.
21st – I am included in an article on Ireland for Global Goose.
29th – I am included in an article on the best places that travel bloggers have visited on Inspire Me – Something I read.

4th – My article on 100 countries later appears on Bournemouth University Postgrads site.
18th – My article on backpacking in Moldova is included in a post on Wild Atlantic Walking Tours
22nd – My photos appear on the Starogard Gdanski Naszemiasto Site after the Kazik Deyna Tribute Match
Photo 1 and Photo 2
29th – I am mentioned on Mateusz Kulewicz site after my tour of Krolestwo Dreamlandu.

2nd – I am featured on Ex Pat Focus as an ex patriot now living in Poland.
4th – My photo from a beach in Malaysia is included in a thesis about Jellyfish by Zilda Morais, Agustín Schiariti and André Morandini.
5th – I am included on the Hong Kong Government Website discussing my Working Holiday there.
6th – I am mentioned on the Krolestwo Dreamlandu Forums following my backpacking tour of Dreamland.
13th – My Ex Pat Focus interview is referenced in the latest blogs.
14th – My whackpacking Afghanistan story is featured on a Chinese Tourist Blog.
15th – My 2015 visit to the groovy Empire of Adammia was included in words and a picture on the country’s Microwiki Page.
20th – My travel tip is included on a list of travel tips on Jovago.

1st – I am included in an article about Moldova’s Orheiul Vechi.
4th – I am interviewed by Nomad Mania.
7th – I am interviewed by Big World Small Pockets on my ongoing travel adventures.
11th – I penned a tribute along with Jordie McCluskey for the Bangor Grammar School Magazine, the Grammarian all about our wonderful friend Michael Whitford, gone too soon from our lives.
13th – I am included in a post on budget travel tips on Linked In via Jovago.net.
18th – My tip is included on a Cyprus based website for my holiday travel tips.
18th – I am featured as a foreigner living in Poland for the excellent website, Careers in Poland.
19th – My profile on Tripscam.

14th – My profile for Culture Trip website where I write about Poland.
15th – My feature on Mighty Goods in an interview of living life without limits.
15th – I am included in my friend Mateusz’s post about the Kartofliska match in Warszawa, Poland.
23rd – I am included on a list of dating bloggers on We Love Dates.
24th – My message to Pani Alina at Learn Polish in Gdansk is featured on their friends page of the Polish School’s website.
27th – My travel tip about Portavogie is included in a post about Ireland on Journalist on the Run.
29th – MY main travel blog is included in a list of Best Outdoor Blogs on the Smart Man.

1st – My profile on Culture Trip.
4th – I am included on a list of best adventure blogs by Wander Pig.
5th – My Northern Irish evening is covered on the popular Klub Dialogu blog by Lauren Colgan.
16th – I am interviewed on Off at Everything.

10th – My blog is listed on the Smart Lad’s list of best travel blogs.
12th – I am included in a piece about backpacking in Botswana.

19th – My first travel story is included on Worldpackers website.
24th – Ahead of my trip to watch Glentoran, I am included on the Glentoran website news.
24th – I am featured in the newspaper and website of Dziennik Baltycki after my recent stories on Gdańsk.

I am included in a list of blogs about Don Det (1,000 Islands) in Laos.

4th – I am entered in a competition to win a trip to Antarctica with Oceanwide Expeditions.
6th – I submitted Belfast in Northern Ireland in a list of best cities to visit in 2016.
13th – I gave a tip on visiting countries nobody else has heard of for Asia Tours and Holidays website.
21st – I am included in a list by Flipkey on the most travelled bloggers, having been to 112 countries at the time of writing.
22nd – Entered in the Top 5 UK Bloggers of the Year Awards on Bloggers Lounge.
22nd – Entered in the Best UK Bloggers of the Year Awards on Blog Awards UK.
22nd – Interviewed in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for Sputnik News Website.
25th – Interviewed by Romanian website Rolandia.

11th – I am featured in an interview with Columbus Direct.
11th – I am featured on an article about Afghanistan about my border crossing at Friendship Bridge.
15th – I am interviewed about blogging and marketing on In Marketing We Trust.
23rd – I am interviewed by Anda Galffy on her site Travel Notes and Beyond.

2nd – I am interview for the Naomi in Wonderland blog.
20th – I am included in a list of 10 Adventure Travelers on Adventure Fit Travel.
23rd – I am included in this article by Untamed Borders after my time backpacking in Afghanistan.

15th – I am included in a promotional brochure in Hong Kong about Working Holiday Visas.
29th – I am interviewed about being a digital nomad for Farm Boy and City Girl.

2nd – I am featured on Martin Anthony’s Travel Blog after our meet up in Liverpool – Overland Metalhead meets Don’t Stop Living.
4th – I am featured on the website Money Supermarket.com ahead of my crazy #MSMLostLuggage adventure to Senegal.
4th – I am included on a list of the top 25 Adventure Travel Blogs by Travels Auro.
16th – I am included on a list of the world’s best 100 travel blogs of 2016 by Coupon Machine.
17th – I am included in a list of travel blogger opinions on India for Maavalan India Travels.
24th – One of my photos from East Timor is included on an article for Rowman:https://rowman.com/RLPublishers.
25th – I contributed my travelling Northern Ireland flag as my must have travel item on City Guide Guru’s list.
25th – Thanks to Janet Newenham for including my site in a list of Best Irish Travel Blogs 2016 on Journalist on the Run.
25th – My profile on Fohr Card – Jonny Blair.
25th – My profile on Hupmap – Jonny Blair.

2nd – I am entered in a competition to Blog my Way to Spain with Clickstay.
23rd – I am featured in a guide to backpacking in India with one of 91 tips.
25th – I am interviewed by the Belfast Telegraph on location in France with the Green and White Army.
26th – I am interviewed by The Sun about travelling around the world supporting Northern Ireland.

4th – I am included on a list of best Irish Bloggers on the Huffington Post.
10th – I reviewed the Link Hotel in Tczew on We Blog the World
11th – I am featured as an expert on Lost Luggage for Money Supermarket.com.
4th – I was on tour with Eat Polska in Gdynia, Poland and covered it for We Blog the World.

19th – I contributed Bangkok in Thailand in an article about places NOT to go.
27th – My post on backpacking in Xinaliq is included in a guide about Azerbaijan on Concrete and Kitsch.
28th – I am included in a list of best adventure travel blogs for Credit Donkey.


8th – I am interviewed on numerous news websites about my time in Afghanistan:
Le Point
Serendipitous Panda
Tec Market
Global Times
Business Recorder
News Week Pakistan
Echo24 – Czech Republic
The Sun Daily
The Journal . ie
Norwegian Website
Japan Today
Hindu Times India
New Zealand Herald
Daily Mail
Taipei Times
Business Recorder

11th – I am included in the top 25 Adventure Travel Blogs by Outdoor Veteran.

26th – I am featured in the local newspaper and website in Kociewie Region of Poland because of my time as a tourist in Starogard Gdanski.

28th – Featured on Trucker World talking about Afghanistan.

1st – I am featured for the first time ever in The Grammarian, official magazine of Bangor Grammar School.
6th – I appear on a night with the Dziewczyna w żółtych spodniach at Irish Dancing in Gdańsk, Poland.
19th – My website is listed on Awesome Travel Blogs with Mountain IQ.

6th – My tips on travelling solo as a male appear on Jovago.
11th – My story on backpacking in Tczew is featured on the local Tczew news site.
18th – I am interviewed on the Best Travelled site about my zany adventures.
18th – My profile on the Best Travelled Site.
19th – I wrote for Expedia about my top 3 places in Ireland to visit (2 in Northern Ireland and 1 in the Republic of Ireland)
25th – My profile on Post Crossing.

8th – I am included at number 17 in the list of best male solo travel blogs 2016.
9th – My profile on Teaching English in Warszawa, Poland.
16th – I am quoted on a piece about Afghanistan tourism.
17th – My ongoing work for Hipmunk can be seen on this page as an example.

4th – My story on working on the farms of Australia on Work and Travel Abroad.
11th – I am quoted on the Hong Kong Working Holiday Site based on my experiences of living there in 2011 – 2015.

20th – Due to my ongoing depression and the lies of Kokoszkowy girl Ola Mueller, I set up a new travel blog called Northern Irishman in Poland because she never admitted her lies or apologised.

My new story - Northern Irishman in Poland

My new story – Northern Irishman in Poland

1st – Article on Inspiring Destinations – Antarctica for Andrew Passport Chronicles.

6th – My new Jonny Blair logo appears on Ilona Skladzien’s website, My Logo I.
15th – Featured in an article on Islamic Destinations on Maroc – Why Visit an Islamic Country in 2015?
16th – I have some chapters included on a book on Crossing World Borders in South America
17th – I am featured for my article on a bus tour of Vilnius Lithuania
19th – I am included in a list of best solo travel blogs for 2015 on Peanuts and Pretzels
21st – I submitted a photo from Iraq to a post on The World Through People’s Eyes on Due Cuorie Unaciccions.com
22nd – I submitted my trip to Persepolis in an article on disappointing travel destinations for Getting Stamped with Hannah and Adam

9th – Don’t Stop Living is included in a best travel blogs of 2015 list on First Site Guide
25th – I am interviewed by Coleraine Traveller Abbi Morrison on her website Life in a Rucksack’s Travel Talk Series
26th – One of the craziest sites I’ve appeared on yet all about my hike in the part with a rock shaped like a man’s willy in China – Hair on my Penis

I am mentioned on Jude Malone’s Creative blog based on the Top Northern Irish Travel Blogs
I contributed to an article by Stephanie Mayo on European Art and details on A Lady’s Travel Blog
8th – I contributed to an article by Jonny Duncan on amazing experiences in Iran – http://backpackingman.com/travel-stories-from-inside-iran/
I was interviewed by Stefanie Daneau on Dare to Adventure Community
9th – I am interviewed by traveller, writer and airline stewardess Jenn Grahams on a feature about a Life of Endless Travel
10th – I am interviewed by Nathaniel on Daily Travel Podcast about visiting 100 countries
11th – I am featured on the excellent site Love Belfast in Northern Ireland in the article Ulster Travel Writer Visits 100th country
15th – I reveal my 100th country in an exclusive interview with the Belfast Times
17th – I contributed my time working in Australian Irish Pubs to a post on St. Patrick’s Day on Wandering On with Noelle and Brian.
21st – I am featured on the Austenasian Times the day I became the first ever tourist or backpacker to visit the nation.

2nd – I am included on a feature on Tingly Travel Website on Travellers sharing lessons on the road
17th – My tips are included in an article on MSN Travel Jonny Blair
22nd – My tips are included in the online list of online travel resources on Tinggly
23rd – I am featured on the Flying Yak on my story and interview about What Happened in the Broccoli Fields?

6th – An interview feature on my old University’s website Bournemouth University feature on 100 country journey
10th – I am interviewed on Karolina and Patryk’s site about travel
28th – I am included on blogs that inspired Martin Anthony on Overland Metalhead.com

1st – I am included on Lash World Tour’s list of Top 100 Solo Male Travel Blogs (number 37)
2nd – I am featured on Belfast Live in an article about my travels through 100 countries as a Northern Irishman
12th – I am featured on Justin Egli’s Ikimasho based on my trip to Austenasia
23rd – I am included on Joao Leitao’s Biggest List of Travel Blogs on the internet in the list of Top Solo Male Travel Blogs (number 17)
29th – I am interviewed on British Site Travel Trolley – Jonny Blair a lifestyle of travel interview

6th – I am included on a post by Chris Walker-Bush about Over-Rated Destinations on Aussie on the Road
8th – I am included in a post about the best places for ex-Pats to live on Nomad Girl.co
16th – I am interviewed on Michelle Reiman’s Travel Blog Inspire Section, Lights Camera Travel
22nd – I am included in an article on best destinations in Sri Lanka on Olanka.

25th – I am interviewed on Elite Travel Blog
28th – I contributed El Salvador to an article by Chris on Aussie on the Road about Under-rated destinations.


1st – I am this month’s featured travel on the cool app I’ve been working on – Vadovia August Feature
10th – I am featured on the website of HK Radio 3 based on my recent travel radio show with Noreen Mir on the 1,2,3 show
17th – I contributed travel in French Guyana to a road trips post on Our Oyster.com

5th – My story on waterfalls in Guyana is included on Kirk Beiser’s blog The World Is Not That Big
7th – I reviewed Hostel Copenhagen Downtown on my site and on theirs.
7th – I am included in a list of top 7 solo travel bloggers to check out on Low Cost Holidays Blog.
9th – I am included in a list of top 3 travel blogs to follow on The Wise Traveller.
16th – I am featured by Hostel Downtown Copenhagen after my stay there.
28th – I am included in a list of 10 favourite travel blogs on One Weird Globe with Chris Backe.

3rd – I’m included as an Expert for Flipkey: Jonny Blair
3rd – My guide to Sydney in Australia features on Flipkey
7th – I’m included in an article about teaching English abroad on ICAL TEFL
15th – Don’t Stop Living is in the top 11 adventure blogs on Adventure Junkies, listed as one of the best Adventure Blogs on the internet
17th – I’m featured on the front page of the online and printed version of the Adammia Express ahead of my visit to the country.
21st – I was on tour with Forest Holidays and featured in their Forest Foraging photo album
28th – I am included on an article about Scotland on Traveling Savage as part of London City Airport #nofilter campaign.
29th – I am featured on a video documentary about the Forest of Dean by photographer Sean Tucker.

3rd – I’m featured on the front page of the online and printed version of the Adammia Express after my visit to the country.
18th – I’m featured by Chris from Aussie on the Road on an article about Bulldog reasons not to travel.
28th – I’m interviewed in my home country Northern Ireland on UTV Live news about George Best’s funeral.

1st – I’m entered in a competition to win a trip to Kerala in India (which I won before)


2nd – Appeared on the daily Iraqi Kurdistan newsletter on my post about getting a visa for Kurdistan.
2nd – Appeared on the Love Affair Travel Website with a link to my latest travel interview from Yerevan in Armenia (this also appeared on iTunes and as an online Podcast)
2nd – Appeared on the Kerala website as a contestant in their Win a Trip to India competition (I won the trip but had to turn it down)
4th – Featured as one of the top posts from December 2013 on Sam and Zab’s Indefinite Adventure site.
6th – I’m interviewed on Allan Wilson’s site Live Less Ordinary where he describes me as The Best Travel Blogger in the World.
7th – Three of my articles on backpacking in Iraq are featured on the site GoKurdistan.com
7th – Contributed to an article on staying safe in South America on Sam and Zab’s Indefinite Adventure site: Safety in South America.
8th – A few of my articles are featured on Travel Iraqi Kurdistan website including my report on Amadiya.
10th – Interviewed as an inspiring traveller on Mapping Megan – Inspiring Traveler – Jonny Blair
10th – Featured on Alexandra’s Cool Site Travel Fashion Girl – Interview with Male Traveler Jonny Blair
11th January – Interviewed on Mighty Travels: Interview with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
15th – Featured on an article about workers on Overseas Job Centre Workers of the World page
22nd – Featured on Wanderlust Wednesdays on Used York City.com in an article called 10 Bloggers Share Their Most Anticipated Trip of 2014.
24th – Featured on a series about Beers around the World on eTramping: Beers Around the World – Petra in Jordan.
30th – Featured as the Thursday Traveller on Amanda’s Site A Dangerous Business: Thursday Traveler – Jonny Blair from Don’t Stop Living

8th – My Travel Podcast and interview appears on Love Affair Travel: Jonny Blair unstoppable travel Mindset
8th – View my Travel Podcast on iTunes from Apple: Jonny Blair Travel Podcast iTunes
17th – My meal in Kurdistan, Iraq is included in an article on Backpack Me Around the World in 80 Dishes
21st – My weeding in Tasmania post and idea is included on Rudolph Musngu’s site 10 Cool Job Titles
27th – My tickets for Oasis gigs in 1996 and 1997 plus a short report are included in an awesome “12 Moments of Nostalgia in Ireland’s Love Affair with Oasis” post on Daily Edge.

5th – Featured on Zofia’s site The Piktures on Ex Pat Wednesdays – Jonny Blair in Hong Kong
10th – Interview on the Curious Nomad Website: How They Did It, Meet Traveller Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
14th – My Travel advice from my recent Iraq trip is featured on Boots’n’all – Iraq Travel Guide
21st – A Video of me appears on Daily Motion based on my Mighty Travels interview.
25th – Featured in an interview on Tripoto proving you don’t need to be rich to travel the world.
27th – My article on football which includes a bit about my passion for Northern Ireland and my trip to Uruguay is featured on UFWC: Can Northern Ireland Become UFWC Champions?
27th – I was interviewed for my local newspaper the Ards Chronicle, appearing in their printed paper and online version: Business Backpacker Targets 100 Countries
28th – I’m interviewed on the website A Brit and a Southerner: Interview with Jonny Blair – Don’t Stop Living
29th – I wrote an article for Young Pioneer about North Korean football: We are the Champions – North Korea’s winning ways.
31st – Included as Influencer of the week on The Midgame: Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living – Influencer of the Week

3rd – My article and review of Soweto Backpackers in South Africa is included on eTramping’s Best 35 Hostels in the world
4th – My bookable backpacking tour to Iraq is now on Tripoto and can be booked for $800 US for an 8 day guided tour
6th – My first ever photo essay for Erohisms: Antarctica Photo Essay by Jonny Blair
10th – I am featured on a list of bucket lists on Annette White’s website Bucket List Journey – 15 Travellers Pick Their Bucket Lists
10th – I answer 5 questions on Calabrisellamia – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
16th – I’m featured as an interview with Noelle and Brian on Wandering On
20th – Thanks to my time drinking in Indonesia I am featured in a post about Non Muslims in Indonesia!
20th – Listed at number 5 in the World’s Top Travel Experts on Runaway Guide
25th – I’m featured in a photo with Swaziland Ladies on Fans Share.com
24th – I’m up to 6th on the top travel blogs on Wesley Travels Site
7th – I have written an article on lessons I’ve learned from blogging for the Professional Travel Blogger’s Association
9th – My article on avoiding student loans appears on Jobs Arnlweb.com

1st – I contributed my visit to Garni Temple in Armenia to eTramping’s Article 30 World’s Most Beautiful Temples.
1st – My article on Hyena Feeding appears on the Young Pioneer’s May magazine: Feeding the hyenas of Harar
8th – I am featured on Travel Blogger Thursday on Justin plus Lauren
10th – I am featured on Backpacker Adventures by Anthony Karakai in an article on travelling in Iraq
11th – I am included in the top 100 travel blogs in the world on The Affordable Entrepreneur
11th – I am included in an article on the Northern Irish Ulster Fry on The Departure Board
13th – My article on Chinese Visas in Hong Kong is included on Gateway to China
15th – I wrote a guest post for the World On My Necklace on Top 10 Things to do on Sark
23rd – I am included in a feature on Workers of the World on The Working Traveller
23rd – I wrote a preview of Uruguay v. Northern Ireland on UFWC
24th – My article on touring Amna Suraka in Iraq appears on Crossing World Borders.
27th – My article on top 5 things to do in Belfast is featured on Hostelling International’s Blog
29th – My Article on hiking in Tasmania appears on We 12 Travel: Freycinet Park, Tasmania, Australia
30th – My article about the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan appears on Hopper.
31st – My report on the Northern Ireland v. Uruguay match appears on UFWC: Uruguay 1-0 Northern Ireland 2014

6th – My interview with the Hero of Israel appeared on Haifa International
14th – My interview on the Love of Travel for Peanuts or Pretzels: Jonny Blair Love of Travel Interview
30th – My interview appears on Banker in the Sun: Jonny Blair Travel Interview

1st – I’m entered in for the Big Blogger Exchange – vote for me here:
Jonny Blair – Big Blog Exchange
3rd – A “selfie” I took in Antarctica appears on eTramping.com
6th – Travel Memories from my childhood on The Travel Tester.com: http://www.thetraveltester.com/travel-memories-jonny-don-t-stop-living/
8th – My article on meeting my girlfriend in Antarctica appears on Amazing Dates on the Road by Anna Everywhere
14th – My interview goes live on Jetsetter Joe – Travel Blogger Spotlight Jonny Blair
16th – My article on watching the World Cup in Brazil appeared on UFWC: Following the UFWC at the World Cup
20th – I’m featured on the Visitor Page from the Mexican City of Oaxaca after my stay there: Wikispaces Oaxaca
25th – My Profile on Plansify – Jonny Blair travel expert
25th – Some of my budget travel tips appear on Life is a Camino
30th – My Podcast goes live on Brian Tells Stories and iTunes, talking about Antarctica: Jonny Blair Podcast

13th – My interview on the Gift of Travel – Interview Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
14th – My interview on A Southern Gypsy – Meet the Gypsies: Jonny Blair DSL
20th – Featured in an article on Open World Mag: 15 Financially Successful Extreme Travellers

2nd – Interview on Travelling King with Samantha – Travel Blogger Tell All with Jonny Blair
2nd – I included Antarctica on a feature by Ronald Robbins – Top 5 hidden beaches around the world

20th – Featured in an article about being a nomad in Hong Kong – One Weird Globe Hong Kong
21st – Featured in an article about my visit to Armenia on Zofia’s site The Piktures

12th – Travel interview on My Tan Feet: Travel Interview with Jonny Blair

12th – Interview on Travel for Hotels Cheap.org – Jonny Blair on Hotels Cheap

9th – Shockingly my article on doing a shit in a broccoli field makes it onto “Tent Camping Fun”: Doing a Shit in a Broccoli Field
11th – Nominated for a Shorty Award: Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
Ongoing from January 2013 – Writer and Blogger on We Blog the World: We Blog the World – Jonny Blair

2nd – Guest Post on Almost Fearless Backpackers about Antarctica: Visiting the British Base at Port Lockroy, Antarctica by Jonny Blair
3rd – Guest Post on Teach English Travel Overseas on Teaching English in Hong Kong: Teaching English in Hong Kong – Interview with Jonny Blair
21st – Guest Post on Santa Fe Travelers: A Wee Guide to Northern Ireland by Jonny Blair

2nd – Article on Antarctica on Inspiring Travellers Arrival on Antarctic Mainland
10th – Featured on the DFR (Double F**king Rainbow) as an awesome site: The DFR
18th – Interview on Getting Stamped: Meet a Traveler – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living
31st – Nominated for a Super Sweet Blogging Award on Accelerated Stall

3rd – Listed on The Working Traveller in the post Travel Blogging Until They Die
4th – Guest Post Short Travel Tips on my arrival in Antarctica: Epic Arrival on Antarctic Mainland by Jonny Blair
8th – Interview for The Professional Hobo on A Week in the Life of Jonny Blair
17th – My photo from the top of Mount Kinabalu is featured as the first “Wordless Wednesday” on Accelerated Stall: Wordless Wednesday – Mount Kinabalu
19th – Interview for Teaching Travel on Travel, Teaching in Hong Kong and being Northern Irish, From RTW Travel (Even Antarctica!) to Teaching in Hong Kong
26th – Interview about my home country on Uniquely Northern Ireland: Interview with Northern Irish Blogger Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

3rd – Interview on “The Travel Ten” on Gotta Keep Movin’ : The Travel Ten – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living
9th – Interview for Victoria of Pommie Travels on “Travel Bloggers Who Rock”: Travel Bloggers Who Rock – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living
18th – Included in Tripologist’s Pick of the Week for my Doing Antarctica on the Cheap Story
19th – Interview for Flip Nomad in his “Meet The Nomads” series: Meet the Nomads – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
23rd – Guest Post on Suitcase Stories on the Best Things to do in Northern Ireland: The Best Things to do in Northern Ireland by Jonny Blair
27th – Interview with Adam Finan – The Tropical Nomad: Interesting Interviews – Jonny of Don’t Stop Living
29th – Guest Post on We Said Go Travel on top 5 things to do in Deception Island: Top 5 Things to See and Do in Deception Island, Antarctica
31st – Guest Post on eTramping on 10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica: 10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica
From May 2013 – Contributed Articles to TripGoggles: China Rice Fields

3rd – Interview for the Grown Up Gap Year: If We Can Do It So Can You with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
4th – Contibutor to Essential Travel.co.uk with an article called 10 Ways to Organise a Budget
6th – A guide to getting a Chinese Visa on Visa Nerd: A Guide to Getting A Chinese Visa in Hong Kong
11th – Interview with Dave and Vicky on A Couple Travelers: Interview with Jonny Blair
19th – Interview on My Destination: Big Blogger Interview – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
25th – Featured for my advice on saving money on internet and Wi-Fi usage on Round the World Expenses: Essential Tips to find free wi-fi or internet service
25th – Interviewed on Almost Fearless Backpackers: Tuesday Talks with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
26th – My Happiness Story on Adam Pervez’s site Happiness Plunge: Stories of Happiness Pursuers – Jonny of Don’t Stop Living
28th – Included in Nomadic Samuel’s Top 100 Travel Blogs – Don’t Stop Living in at 96 on Alexa.
29th – Signed up and posting articles for Trip Goggles: Trip Goggles

1st – Featured Travel Expert on Think Places: Travel Experts – Jonny Blair
10th – Interviewed on Santa Fe Travelers: Meet the Travel Bloggers – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
12th – My Working Wednesdays feature is included on Francsa’s WordPress Page: 12 Phrases that mean Big Travel Savings
17th – Interviewed on Mo Saffer: Get Inspired – Interview With Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
19th – I am interviewed by The Good Web Guide: How Travel Changed My Life
19th – I wrote an article on China for Asia Rooms: 5 Unusual World Heritage Sites in China
22nd – I wrote and article for Ian at Borderless Travels on 5 Incredible Activities You Shouldn’t Miss in Antarctica
23rd – Interviewed on the Globetrotting Canuck: A Fellow Traveller – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living
From July 2013 onwards – Featured Itinerary Writer on Vadovia.com

4th – Interviewed on Clover Signs Blog: Signs of a Real Irish Pub
14th – Interviewed on Super Nerdo: Funding my Travels – Jonny of Don’t Stop Living
16th – Included in a list of Blogs that want to interview you on The Working Traveller
16th – Interviewed on Go Power Kick: Today’s Traveler – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
21st – Guest Post on Wanderlust Wednesdays: Travel Talk – Backpacking in Antarctica
22nd – Interview on Oh Hey World! Inspiring Travelers: Travel Inspiration – an interview with Jonny Blair
22nd – Interview on RiteSim Sim Card Website: We chat with Jonny from the Don’t Stop Living Blog
22nd – Contestant in a competition to travel the world for free: Travel the world for free Jonny Blair
23rd – Featured on the Working Traveller: Worldwide Worker Jonny Blair teaching English in Hong Kong and other jobs abroad
26th – Guest Post on Living That: 5 Things to see and do in Northern Ireland
27th – Guest Post on the Easy Hiker: Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge in China
29th – Featured on Essential Travel.co.uk with 5 other travel bloggers: The Truth Behind Travel Blogging
29th – Interview on a World To Travel: 50 Jobs on the Road with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
29th – Interview in Espanol (Spanish) on Mindful Travel By Sara: Entrevista viajera con Jonny Blair de Don’t Stop Living
29th – Interview in English on Mindful Travel By Sara: Travel Interview with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
29th – Guest Post on Mapping Megan: Arrival in Barrientos Antarctica by Jonny Blair
30th – Mentioned on We Said Go Travel for the interview with Lisa and George.

1st – Featured on Visislife: 7 Continents, over 70 countries and a life of travel with Jonny Blair
1st – Included on Blogs I Still Bother Reading on Jarrlemen’s Blog.
2nd – Contributed to an article on Renegade Travels: Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?
9th – Featured on BBC Northern Ireland online based on my travels around the world with my Northern Ireland flag: Bangor man travels the world with Northern Ireland flag.
13th – Featured as a Guest Writer on Travel Wonders with my article on: 5 Off the Beaten Track World Heritage Sites in China
14th – Featured on Young Pioneer Tours Website for my review of the Mass Games on National Day: Jonny Blair’s review of Mass Games
19th – I wrote a Guest Post for Top 10 Things to do: Top 10 Things to see and do in Belfast, Northern Ireland
25th – Featured on My Morning Routine, sharing how I spend my mornings: Jonny Blair’s Morning Routine.
26th – Featured on Backpack Me’s Travel Blog Exchange.
27th – Interviewed on Travel Blogger Interviews: Interview with travel blogger Jonny Blair
30th – I nominated the Northern Irish Ulster Fry in this post by Agness and Cez at eTramping.com: Breakfasts From Around the World

4th – Interviewed on Travel Buzz: Interview with Jonny Blair
4th – Guest article on After Globe: A Weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland by Jonny Blair
7th – Travel Blogger Interview on Backpacks and Bunkbeds: Jonny Blair Travel Blogger at A Lifestyle of Travel
8th – Travel Writer Interview with Kristin Mok: A Conversation with Jonny Blair
11th – A few of my job tips for travelling the world are featured on the Working Traveller: Workers of the World
13th – A conversation with the guys at Travel Writing 2.0 Blog: A Conversation with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
14th – Travel Blogger Interview on the DFR Blog (Double Fu#king Rainbow): Blogger Talk – Don’t Stop Living
19th – Featured in the Bournemouth University Alumni Magazine online PDF (also appeared in print), talking about backpacking, travelling and working: Jonny Blair in Bournemouth University Magazine
21st – “The 5 Easiest Jobs to Travel With” wins Blog of the Week on Wanderlust: 5 Easiest Jobs to Travel With.
25th – Featured on an Azerbaijan Website thanks to my recent story on the Mud Volcanoes Near Baku: Silkyway Travel Blog – Mud Volcanoes
28th – Featured on Asia Rooms as a blog of the month: Best blogs of the month on Asia Rooms – Don’t Stop Living
28th – Nominated in the Babble Top 100 Travel Bloggers of 2013: Best Travel Blogs Jonny Blair
28th – Interviewed on Next Stop Who Knows: Travel Tales with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living
29th – Featured Travel Expert on Tripoto: Jonny Blair on Tripoto
31st – Featured on Jewish Heritage for a video from Bethlehem University.

6th – Finished in the Top 5 Newcomers Category on Asia Rooms 2013 Blog Awards: Jonny Blair on Asia Rooms
6th – Interview on Suitcase Stories: Interview with a Traveler – Jonny at Don’t Stop Living.net
13th – Included on a Feature on weird foods on A Luxury Travel Blog: 10 More of the World’s Weirdest Foods Eaten By Travel Bloggers
14th – Article on the Global Grasshopper on China: 10 off the Beaten Track Spots in China by Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living.
18th – Interview on Relaxing Travel on Soothed in the City: Chilled Travel with Travel Blogger Jonny Blair

6th – My article on “Broccoli Fields Forever” is featured on the Working Traveller’s Workers of the World Post
13th – Featured on Digital Mint’s Top 100 Travel Blogs
13th – Article on We Said Go Travel on my trip to Hebron: Two Sides of Hebron, Palestine
14th – Featured on a list of 50 Awesome Travel Blogs on Want to Discover.com
27th – I contributed to an article on Coffees of the World on eTramping.com
27th – My post on holding two passports was shared on the Friday Link Round up on Go Click Travel


17th – Interview for No Place To Be series “Meet a Random Traveller: Jonny from Don’t Stop Living

5th – Guest Article on Backpacking Spirit: A Peek into a Backpackers Journal – Antarctica – Foyn Harbour and Cuverville Island
12th – “How to Do Australia on the Cheap” wins Travel Blog of the Week on Wanderlust: “How to Travel Australia on the Cheap

– Article on Watching Hong Kong v. North Korea on the Unofficial Football World Championship Website: “My First UFWC Match

October: Interview for No Place To Be series “Meet a Random Traveller: Jonny Blair

2004 – Appeared as a contestant on Nerve TV’s “The Lock In” (A Big Brother Spoof) while studying in Bournemouth, England
2005 – Appeared on BBC Northern Ireland in central Warsaw, Poland ahead of a football match
2007 – Interview on Estonian TV from Wembley, England ahead of a football match
2008 – Interview on Slovenian TV from Maribor, Slovenia
2008 – Featured on a 10 minute documentary on BBC Northern Ireland on white water rafting in Bled, Slovenia (appeared in full online and part on the TV)
2010 – Interview in Montevideo, Uruguay as a tourist learning Spanish
2013 – Fluke background appearance on a TV Cooking Show in Hong Kong
2013 – Interview on Palestinian TV from the Beer Festival in Ramallah
2013 – Interview on Sky Sports in Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 – Interview on Travelling in Iran in Kharanaq, Iran
2016 – Interview in Belfast Northern Ireland by JJB Sports
2016 – Interview on German TV at Euro 2016

Being interviewed on German TV in June 2016

1997 – 1998 – Radio DJ on College Show “Jonny Blair on the Air: Radio Belvoir”, Belfast, Northern Ireland (over 50 shows)
2003 – 2008 – Radio DJ on Nerve Radio, FM and online, Bournemouth, England (over 200 shows)
2004 – Appeared as the voiceover on an Irish Radio Drama in Association with Birst Radio, Bournemouth, England
September 2013 – Interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster for being a travelling Northern Irishman
August 2015 – I am featured on HK Radio 3 on a travel radio show with Noreen Mir on the 1,2,3 show
August 2016 – I am interviewed on Belfast 89 FM about my travels and hanging up of my backpack.

Working Wednesdays: Back on the Air at Radio 3, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Magazine (printed)
1990 – Co-editor and Copy Writer for One Saturday Afternoon at the Oval – a Glentoran fanzine
1995 – 1996 – Contributor to Arconada…Armstrong! football fanzine
1997 – 2004 – Editor and Copy Writer for Here We Go…Again football fanzine
2004 – 2006 – Contributor to Nerve Magazine in Bournemouth
2007 – 2011 – Contributor to Happy Days football fanzine
2011 – 2014 – Column writer for the Glentoran Gazette
2013 – Appeared in Bournemouth University Alumni Magazine
2016 – Appeared in the Grammarian – Bangor Grammar Annual Magazine
2016 – Contributor to Happy Days football fanzine
2017 – Contributor to Everywhere We Go football fanzine

Studying Saturdays: Backpacking Centurion In The Grammarian, Bangor, Northern Ireland

Studying Saturdays: Backpacking Centurion In The Grammarian, Bangor, Northern Ireland

1997-1998 – Wrote numerous articles for the Count Down Spectator, Bangor, Northern Ireland
2005 – 2009 – More than 20 appearances in English Newspapers while working in PR and chairing a football supporters club
2013 – Featured in local newspaper The County Down Spectator as one of three Bangor bloggers up for the Blog of the Year prize on Wanderlust
2014 – Featured in local newspaper The Ards Chronicle on Business Backpacker visiting a century of countries

– Included in a debate in the Belfast Telegraph over a ridiculous “blue stripe” in the latest Northern Ireland kit.

– Featured in the Sun newspaper on my travels through 100 countries and to the Euros in France.
– Featured in the Belfast Telegraph on my travels through 100 countries and to the Euros in France.
– Included in photos and article on Bangor fans heading to the Euros in France.
– Featured in the Daily Mail on my travels through Afghanistan.
– Featured in the Irish News on my travels through Afghanistan.
– Featured in the Gazeta Kociewska on my travels to Starogard Gdanski, Poland.

jonny blair 100 countries

Working Wednesdays: Where’s Jonny? Business Backpacker on a Mission to visit his 100th Country.

2008 – Interviewed in Green and White Army Book
2010 – Full chapter in Albania to America Book
2014 – Wrote a few chapters for South America Borders Book
2015 – Released the e-Book My First Ever Travel Blog
2015 – Released the e-Book The Backpackers Guide to the Inca Trail
TBC – Plans to release the Book Backpacking Centurion
TBC – Plans to release the Book “Seek Well”

January 2014 – Travel Interview with Ian Robinson –  Podcast on Love Affair Travel
June 2014 – Travel Interview with Brian Collins Podcast on Brian Tells Stories
February 2015 – Travel Interview with Danny Flood Podcast for Open World Mag
February 2015 – Travel Interview with Nathaniel Boyle for Daily Travel Podcast
January 2018 – I am interviewed for Ric Gazarian’s Counting Countries Series on Globaz Gaz

iTunes and iPad Apps
2013 – Itinerary compiler for Vadovia iPad app
2013 – Planning tours for
2015 – Planning tours for Plansify
2016 – Planning Apps for Jovago
2016 – 2017 – Planning Apps for GPS My City

Planning Apps for Vadovia

GPS My City Guides
Starogard Gdanski Bars
Bydgoszcz Sightseeing

Pelplin Sightseeing


Now turn away if you need to. #beatdepression

The Suicide Diaries
Sadly my adventure took on a few lows and I have put these on this article at the bottom as it also highlights the negative times on the road. I was missing for 10 days in Poland, suicidal, I will write more about it because I survived and I suffer from depression.

Will Jolanta – Jonny Blair missing
Trojmiasto – Jonny Blair missing from Gdansk
Belfast Live – Fears for missing Northern Ireland fan Jonny Blair
Trojmiasto – Missing Gdansk Blogger Jonny Blair
O2 Poland – Jonny Blair missing
Radio Gdansk – Jonny Blair found
Belfast Telegraph – Mother’s Relief as Jonny Blair makes contact
FAKT Poland Poznan – Jonny Blair missing
Belfast Live – Missing Northern Ireland fan Jonny Blair found
Weszlo Live – Jonny Blair, football ground hopper missing

Facebook – Missing Person – European Football Weekends
Wyborza National Polish Newspaper – Gdansk based blogger Jonny Blair missing
Google News – Jonny Blair found Our Wee Country Facebook – Jonny Blair found

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